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We recommend seeing a dentist or visiting an ER if you're experiencing a dental emergency.

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Our goal is to help people get more dental information online. We do recommend people seek appropriate dental treatment at their local dental office when required - as local dental emergencies should get local dental office consultation, which may require dental x-rays and thorough dental in-office treatment.

Just-Dental is constantly growing and adding better features. We are happy to have helped millions of people to get more dental information. We have kept our Dental Chat Consult Messaging FREE for all these years and extended it to the end of 2020.

For those seeking live virtual dentistry video consulting, there is a charge. To do the Dental Chat Messaging it is free until the end of 2020, and we may extend as COVID has gone one longer than most of us have expected.Â

As we will discuss, getting local dental practice treatment still needs to be done - after all, one can not do root canal treatment, tooth extraction, or a tooth filling virtually. Some people do not have access to dentists in the middle of the night and may need to go to a doctor's clinic or ER hospital. Please use your own good judgment.

Dental Consult Chat - Ask Dental Questions - Find Dentists / Search Online For Local Dental Offices - Dentists Directory - Answering Teledental Questions - Local Teledentist Office.

We are helping people with their dental inquiries and for people to find local dentists.

Free dental consultation online, best local dentists directory online and online dentistry consults answer with us - We are helping find a local dentist or answering local dentist questions online. Many people do not have a regular dentist and need to search for local dental offices to visit. Complimentary Free Dentists Consult for people seeking local cosmetic dentistry answers or emergency dental service question suggestions online. Our goal was to continue this FREE DENTIST CONSULT CHAT until the end of 2020 or maybe longer, due to the COVID pandemic.


Dental telemedicine or teledentistry / virtual teledental care can be helpful in getting dental suggestions on what is going on. More and more people are using virtual teledentist services to get dentists answers to their dental questions or to get a better idea of what is going on. Also, now dental websites can add a local dentist chat bot or live dental chatbot messenger to connect better with patients.

Tooth Abscess Question: When having a tooth abscess and swelling, getting dental treatment at a local dental office, doctor's office, or an oral surgeon's office is important. Your dentist will usually need proper dental imaging x-rays.

Urgent Toothache Problem Question, Wisdom Teeth Problems or Emergency Tooth Pain Questions: Tooth pain or teeth pain can be caused by a wide variety of factors. This can be from tooth caries, grinding of teeth while sleeping, dental periodontal problems, or many other things. Common third molar questions or wisdom tooth pain problems can also occur for many people as well. Again, getting dental imaging x-rays can be of great help. For impacted wisdom teeth, for example, getting a panoramic dental x-ray can better see how the wisdom teeth are growing under the gums.

Emergency Dental Service Care Questions or Virtual Tele Dental Emergency:Services Questions: As we have discussed, live virtual teledentistry video dental care is helping many people get some dental suggestions - as to what is going on with their mouth. This can allow the patient to maybe better understand the dental treatments that they may be needing. For instance, those wanting local teledentistry dental implant consulting online and to get live virtual gum care information online. People ask dental implant questions such as what is the best way of taking care of my dental implants, so they last a long time.

If you are a dentist, dental practice, dental professional, or dental company - we are interested in networking with dental professionals and dental companies. We welcome partnering in helping people get better dental care.