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As we will discuss, bad breath can be caused by various factors. Bad breath may be a sign of an underlying periodontal problem. Many times with proper dental treatment at your local dentist's office, this can be treated. Of course, first, a good oral examination needs to be done to find the root cause of bad breath. We will be bad breath treatment blogging in this local halitosis blog.

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Some people experience bad mouth odor or bad breath routinely on a daily basis. For some, even after tooth brushing - they still continue noticing the bad odor coming from their mouth. Bad breath as we will discuss in more detail in this local bad breath blog, comes about by food particles remaining in the mouth for longer periods - and the bacteria breaking down these food particles causing a form of sulfur gas release. Halitosis commonly known as bad breath is a fairly common condition that many people suffer from. Some people with bad breath may not be fully aware of their problem, but the people around them certainly know and maybe just embarrassed to tell them. 

History of the word Halitosis - Bad Breath Chatting:

Interestingly enough - the word halitosis is a fairly new word that was coined by the son of the founder of the popular mouthwash company Listerine. George Wallace combined the Latin word for breath, "halitus" and combined it with "osis," which is the condition of - hence the condition of bad breath is now known as halitosis. By doing so, and making bad breath a form of illness or ailment - they hoped to seel more mouthwash. Of course, without proper brushing and flossing as we will discuss - mouthwash can not be the cure for bad breath. The physical removal of food and debris in the mouth with proper toothbrushing and flossing is very important. Mouthwash is useful if used correctly to kill off some of the bacteria - hence, have to use concurrently.

Bad Breath Treatment. Halitosis Question Chat

The good news is, that bad breath can be treated. In this Online Bad Breath Blog, we will be discussing some of the following:

  • Why Treating Bad Breath can be important?

  • Gum Disease Blog and Bad Breath Blogging about what causes Bad Breath?

  • Periodontitis Chat - Can bad breath signal Periodontal Disease?

Gum disease and bad breath, many times go hand in hand. Those with poor oral hygiene and infrequent dental office visits can be experiencing bad breath/halitosis. Understanding bad breath and methods of treating bad breath are important.  An important thing to keep in mind is that if one has continuous bad breath - and does not go to the dentist for regular prophy visit(s), then the bad breath can be telling the person that they may be having gum disease. Visiting your local dentist or dental hygienist to get regular dental prophy cleanings is important. It is recommended for most people to get 2 dental prophy cleanings per year. Some people go many years without a dental prophy cleaning, at their local dentist office. These people usually have higher levels of plaque build-up. This plaque can over time become a calcified plaque.  This calcified plaque is called calculus build up in the mouth.  This is one of the main causes of gum disease and may lead to periodontitis.  Periodontitis is a periodontal disease that not only can have adverse effects on your mouth, but can also have adverse effects on your overall health & well-being. In this local dental bad breath blog, we will be discussing the causes of bad breath and also, the treatment of bad breath. We at Just Dental have various local periodontal blogs and local gingivitis blogs to read from. 

Halitosis Chat - Bad Breath Blog:

Many people are concerned about having bad breath or halitosis occasionally.  This may be from a portion of food that they ate or maybe they did not have a chance to brush their teeth in the morning. Unfortunately, for others - even when they brush their teeth, they still have bad breath. We will be Chatting online about bad breath / Halitosis Blogs in this dental article. We will discuss some helpful tips or remedies for bad breath - as well as discuss ways to prevent or cure your bad breath or halitosis.

  • Oral Halitosis Chatting and Fighting Bad Breath:

One thing to keep in mind is that people for centuries went around and did not have the best hygiene. For some, they would rarely take showers and all the amenities that we now have was not available. Let's discuss the history of mouthwash and bad breath some more. For ages, people would tolerate bad breath. Many people had very bad breath, poor oral hygiene and most people around them - did not mention anything about their bad breath. As we mentioned earlier, halitosis was coined by the people who were marketing Listerine mouthwash. In 1879 when a chemist named Dr. Joseph Lambert created an antiseptic mouthwash that he named Listerine (named after famed antiseptic research Joseph Lister).  Not many people were using this Listerine antiseptic mouthwash. That changed in the 1920s, when Listerine heirs Gerard Barnes Lambert and his younger brother Marion were looking to better promote and market Listerine, came up with an old Latin phrase that was not hardly being used. They came up with the word Halitosis. Halitosis means unpleasant breath.  They started advertising it as a medical ailment, that needed treatment. More people started wanting to have a better-smelling mouth and started using Listerine.  As they say, the rest is history.  Listerine did become a household name that is still used by many to this day.


  • Infection: Those affecting the oral cavity could be viral, bacterial, and at times even fungal. Patients on antibiotics and steroid therapy or a prolonged period have been noted to get fungal infections of the mouth, due essentially to a change in the bacterial flora of the mouth. This microbe many times causes bad breath

  • Oral hygiene: from not flossing, not brushing their teeth enough - to not having good Tooth Brushing Methods. Using improper toothbrushes and unsuitable toothpaste, combined with vigorous brushing, can subject the mucous membranes especially around the teeth to ulceration, and later to possibly becoming superimposed infections.

  • Not seeing a dentist: Many people with bad breath may go many years without dental prophy and dental exam.  They may be having a high level of calcified plaque in their mouth from not getting dental cleanings by a dentist or dental hygienist.

  • Salivary Gland Deficiency: When there is saliva deficiency, the oral cavity is dry and the mucous membrane easily damaged.


Naturally, treatment for halitosis depends upon the cause of it. It's essential to identify the underlying factors to treat it efficiently, and this may require a visit to the doctor, dentist, a particular specialist or other health professional. Even naturopaths and acupuncturists can be of assistance in diagnosis and treatment.  Many people are now getting virtual local teledentist halitosis consultation online to ask bad breath questions virtually.

First and foremost, people with bad breath need to make sure are improving their oral hygiene and should try to visit a local dentist on a bi-annual basis for dental exam and cleaning (prophy visit). That is, try to get a dental prophy (cleaning) done every 6 months or so.  People with severe gum disease may need further forms of gum disease treatment such as scaling & root planing, etc.

Treating Halitosis can be slightly hit or miss and sometimes cures don't seem to be effective at first. Some treatments remedy the bad breath almost instantly but are temporary, others take longer to make a difference but do so in the long term.


A common bad breath question people have is, why am I having a bad breath? Many people wonder how can they diagnose or better understand what is going on or causing the bad breath. Diagnosing bad breath or tests for halitosis today have made great strides and have significantly improved. Some simple bad breath questions people can ask themself is - am I properly brushing and flossing on a daily basis? Many of the old methods are still used, specialists have several measurement techniques to choose from.

The bad breath altimeter test is one common way of testing for bad breath. Some people know about the breathalyzer test, for drunk driving. That measures the alcohol level based on an individual's breath. The altimeter instrument is helping people measure and understand their bad breath. The altimeter test includes the placing of a straw or tube that is connected to the device to measure the bad breath sulfur compounds in the mouth. The diagnosis of bad breath with this tube measures the volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth as the air is being exhaled.  Of course, a good dental exam by your local dentist can usually show why someone has bad breath.  If for instance, someone has not been to a dentist for several years or longer - the large amounts of plaque build-up in their mouth will most likely cause this person to have an unpleasant mouth odor & bad breath.  Hence, treating gum disease - should reduce bad breath & unpleasant mouth odor. 

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In conclusion,  we have been Dentist Chatting online about Halitosis / Bad Breath Blogging online.  We discussed in this Local Bad Breath Blog Online, how can avoid this oral problem. Bad breath can be the result of a variety of causes.  One of the predominant causes of bad breath is poor daily oral hygiene and not going to the dental office for a prophy / dental cleaning for many years.  That is, there are people who go for many years or decades, without going to the dentist.  Many of these people have calcified plaque build-up in their mouths.  This calcified plaque which is called calculus build-up - can lead to a variety of gum diseases.  The most severe form of gum disease is periodontitis - which not only causes bad breath but can also make the teeth lose & mobile.  There are many ways of treating bad breath.  People can also get local bad breath teledentistry consulting online to get more halitosis information. We are networking with dental bloggers to write more Bad Breath Blogs and Local Dentistry Blogs for us at Just Dental.

Many people are looking to get more dental information online and read informative dental blogs. Read best dentist blogs about various dental care subjects online.  For instance, those interested in bad breath blogs - may also be interested in our local gingivitis gum disease blog. Those that have dental bad breath questions or a dental question can use our Free Dentist Consult Online Just Dental post page.  Also, local dentists and dental practices can add our best dental chatbot and add best teledentistry service to their dental website. Want to know more, local dentists chat bot, local teledental office and add best dental chatbot read here.

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Easily pose a local dentist question to us and get dentists answers online with us at Just Dental.  We @ Just Dental welcome networking online with local dentists and dental professionals.  Our goal is to better inform people about dental care subjects, so hopefully, they can better understand their particular dental condition.  Visiting your local dentist and getting regular dental prophy and a dental exam is recommended.

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Bad breath can arise when the food debris left in the mouth over long periods - is broken down by bacteria which causes sulfur gas release. As we discussed in this local bad breath chat article, one of the important ways of reducing bad breath - is by simply properly brushing, flossing and getting regular dental prophy cleanings at your local dentist office