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Getting a good night's sleep is very important. Many people may occasionally snore at night.  Others may be having what doctors term as a sleep apnea condition.  Having these conditions at night while sleeping, can not only be annoying but detrimental to one's health. The good news is there are steps one can take before going to sleep and while sleeping, to reduce these conditions. Also, now physicians and dentists have various methods of being able to treat snoring and sleep apnea.  We get many local dental sleep apnea questions and online dental snoring questions. We will also discuss teledentistry sleep apnea consulting and virtual teledental snoring consultation online that is now available by some offices.

Common snoring question is if I snore do I have sleep apnea? The simple local dental answer to that dental sleep snoring question is, no. You can be a person that snores and still does not have sleep apnea. Though if you do snore, especially very loudly - you should get this checked out - since you may have sleep apnea. As we will discuss, in the past - many people would go to a physician and be recommended CPAP machine for sleeping.  Now there are more comfortable ways. You should check with your dentist - and ask for CPAP alternative machines that may possibly work. 

Sleep apnea and snoring do go hand in hand for some people. As we will discuss, snoring is not sleeping apnea. Snoring is simply the vibrating of the tissues in your throat area of the mouth.  Sleep apnea is the stopping of breathing - briefly usually, which causes gaps in your breathing.  These gaps are bad for your health.

Reducing Snoring Question Online - How do I reduce my snoring at night?

As we will discuss, there are some ways of reducing snoring.  There are different forms of mouthguards or snoring appliances your local dentist may be able to provide you, to reduce snoring. There are some natural ways that may work as well. This includes -

1. Try sleeping on your side. 

2. If smoke, stop smoking.

3. If very overweight, may work with a physician to reduce weight. 

4. Air nostril strips. This may work for some, to breathe easier.

5. Can ask your dentist for a snoring appliance.

6. Not drinking alcohol before sleeping. 

We will discuss how people that snore while sleeping and who have sleep apnea, have various treatment options now.   We will sleep apnea information problem blog about why people have sleep apnea, to begin with.  Some people based on weight, for instance, maybe more prone to have sleep apnea problems.  That is, people who are seriously overweight may possibly be more prone to have snoring or sleep apnea condition.

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Sleep Apnea Questions - Online Snoring Question:

We get many Sleep Apnea Questions with us @ Just Dental.  A Common Sleep Apnea Question we get asked is how can I check to see if I have Sleep Apnea?  If you snore loudly (just ask anyone around you) or sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because feel like can not breathe - then most likely you have sleep apnea.  Of course, there are various tests that sleep apnea health care offices use to know exactly what is going on with you. We will be discussing various Sleep Apnea Problems and Sleeping Questions we get asked in this local sleeping blog.

Snoring problem chatting online for overweight people & Sleep Apnea Condition Blogging about those that are overweight:

Some studies have shown adults and elderly people that are seriously overweight, have a higher propensity for having sleep apnea.  For those who do lose weight, it may actually help with reducing somewhat the sleep apnea - though, the person may still require some sort of sleep apnea device.  It is always best to ask your physician and dentist - if having sleeping disorders and if have various medical conditions.  We will be discussing this more in this local sleeping disorder blog.  Like most things in life, having a good diet, exercising, and staying fit - can help with sleeping disorders and your overall health. Good to follow your physician and dentist guidelines.  Your dentist, of course, can provide various dental devices for those with say a bruxism sleeping disorder.

Snoring Treatment Blog / Snoring At Night Chatting Online:

Many millions of people snore at night while sleeping, at least occasionally.  This can be annoying to them and their near ones. We get many Sleep Apnea Questions and Snoring at Sleep Questions at Just Dental.  We will be discussing why people snore at night, discussing sleep apnea, and chatting about snoring in this dental blog.  We will also discuss in this dentist sleeping treatment blog that people with sleep apnea should see a doctor who understands how to treat sleep apnea.  Dentists have many appliances now that can help people that snore at night, to sleep better. 

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  • The Health Effects Of Snoring & Not getting a good night’s sleep:

Feeling sleepy during the day?  It’s time to wake up and call your doctor.

Sleep is a pertinent part of life & one of the most important daily routines necessary to have our bodies function effectively. During sleep - our body muscles and cells in our bodies rest and become revitalized. This allows our bodies and brains to function better and to utilize our cognitive functioning skills better to perform our daily activities. A solid night of sleep keeps us alert, focused and feeling much better - hence, allowing us to better function at school, work, or play.  According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), tens of millions of people (by some estimates, over 90 million Americans) are affected by one or more of the symptoms of a group of disorders known as sleep-disordered breathing - which is commonly known as snoring.

Snoring occurs when the soft palate, uvula, tongue, tonsils, and/or muscles in the back of the throat rub against each other. This generates a vibrating sound during sleep. The effects of snoring may include sleep deprivation, daytime dysfunction, and may possibly lead to heart disease. While snoring itself does not cause these health ramifications, the effects of snoring on an individual’s overall health can be quite detrimental. One of the most common effects of snoring is sleep deprivation. A Common Snoring Question we get asked is that, can a person snore more after alcohol consumption.  Yes, people who drink heavily before going to bed, tend to snore more.  The reason is that the alcohol acts as a depressant and relaxes the throat and jaw muscles.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), lack of sufficient sleep in America has reached epidemic proportions that are causing many bad health effects on the total body. This can cause many things to happen from lack of concentration to work, to falling asleep when driving - which can lead to major auto accidents.  Recent CDC data studies show that almost one in three American adults say they’re sleeping less than six hours each night. Additionally, CDC officials say that most adults should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.

Sleep deprivation can be harmful to the physical and mental health of a person. These harmful health issues may include mood swings, anxiety, high blood pressure, mental focus problems, heart problems, and other health problems - these others may include vision problems, hallucinations, paranoia, difficulty communicating with others, forms of mental depression and a weakened immune system can occur.  The bottom line, not getting good sleep can be detrimental to one's health. 

Experts at The National Centers for Sleep Disorders suggests that people should treat feeling sleepy during the day like any other concerning health sign and talk to their doctor about the issue immediately.  Lacking sleep or the longer you go without good sleep, the more heightened effects of sleep deprivation will be to you and your body. We will be Online Snoring Blogging, Local Sleep Apnea Chat, Online Snoring Chatting, Sleep Apnea Device Information Blog and Local Snoring Treatment Chat Online -  We network with sleep apnea health care experts and look to always provide more useful local dental information online for our users on here.  

  • Is snoring and sleep apnea the same thing?

  • What is the difference between Sleep Apnea and Snoring?

People that snore may have sleep apnea as well.  Though, someone that snores does not necessarily have sleep apnea.  The big difference is that a person with sleep apnea has pauses of breathing - where the person will literally stop breathing because the airway collapses or is blocked. Hence, people with sleep apnea do need to understand it, see a doctor that specializes in sleep apnea and try to treat it.

  • Factors that may increase sleep apnea:

  • What can make snoring worse?

Some factors that increase the risk of sleep apnea include having a recessed chin, small upper airway, being overweight, a large tongue or tonsils, frequent alcohol use and smoking.  With any type of sleep apnea, it is suggested to sleep on your side, and try to avoid taking medications to make you sleep (always consult with your physician / dentist / doctor).

  • Can being overweight cause snoring?

The answer is that it may contribute to an increased likelihood of snoring.  By having excess weight around the neck and body - being overweight can possibly cause a greater likelihood of being someone who snores while sleeping.  By losing weight, it can help with this.

  • Decrease Snoring Blog - lessen snoring by sleeping on your side:

If do have a low level of sleep apnea or are someone that snores, sleeping on your side can help to lessen that.  First, we should mention as has been explained before - that people with sleep apnea should see a doctor that knows how to treat this.  For those that snore or have sleep apnea, sleeping on your side may help. Why sleeping on the side helps (explaining in hopefully an easy to understand way) - is that the throat and tongue muscles relax while sleeping. When this happens - they can fall back into the throat region while sleeping on your back.  The movement of this to go out of the way or the vibration - can be snoring. Hence, by being on your side while sleeping - the tongue is less likely to relax back into the throat region. People with shoulder injuries etc., may not be good for - as may be too painful.  Best to consult with your doctor.

  • Sleep Apnea Chat:  Sleeping Disorders Discussion Online.

What’s keeping you up at night, could be what is making you sleepy all day? Amongst a group of sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBDs), sleep apnea is on the rise. Sleep Apnea is the repeated cessation and commencing of breathing that may repeatedly disrupt sleep.  Sleep apnea affects at least and probably more than 25 million American adults, according to the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project.  

  • Symptoms of Sleep Apnea:

People with sleep apnea tend to be sleep deprived so they may suffer from a sundry of symptoms including sexual dysfunction, depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating at school or at work, learning & comprehension difficulties, and falling asleep while driving - are just some of the symptoms shown by people with Sleep Apnea.

Common Sleep Apnea Questions Online:

We get asked many local dentistry questions online at Just Dental. A Common Sleep Apnea Question is does everyone have the same type of sleep apnea? The three types of sleep apnea are Obstructive, Central, and Complex.  Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common, occurring when the soft tissue in the back of the throat relaxes during sleep, blocking the airway and causing very loud snoring.  Central sleep apnea, much less common than obstructive sleep apnea, involves the central nervous system. Central sleep apnea occurs when the brain fails to signal the muscles that control breathing. Many people suffering from Central sleep apnea rarely snore.

Teledentistry Sleep Apnea Consult | Teledental Snoring Chat - Tele Dentistry Sleeping Consulting

Dental telemed is becoming much more available. More dental offices are becoming local teledentist practices. That being said, only a small portion do have this local teledentistry snoring consult online service. Many people are going online to get local dental sleep apnea question answers and dental sleep apnea information. Virtual sleep apnea teledental care is growing though.  Many people just want to ask some dental sleep problem questions and get sleep apnea tele dentistry answers.

Just Dental is a great place to get local dental snoring answersAsk Sleep Apnea Questions, Get Snoring Answers and Find Best Sleep Apnea Dentists at Just Dental.  We want to help people get the dental information they need - and are always looking to improve our online dental services for our users.  Do you have a Sleep Apnea Question or Snoring Question?  We provide best dentists free dental answers for our readers during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Complex Sleep Apnea Blogging - What is Complex Sleep Apnea?

Complex sleep apnea is a form or type of sleep apnea which is a combination of Obstructive sleep apnea and Central sleep apnea.

Some factors that increase the risk of sleep apnea include having a recessed chin, small upper airway, being overweight, large tongue or tonsils, alcohol use and smoking.  With any type of sleep apnea, it is suggested to sleep on your side, don’t take medications to make you sleep, avoid alcohol four to six hours before bedtime and if you are drowsy, it is pertinent to avoid driving.  

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  • Do men snore more at night?

  • Does your mouth anatomy have anything to do with snoring?

Can sleep apnea and sleep disorders cause more auto accidents?  The answer is yes. Obviously, if sleepy and tired - the person behind the wheel can be less attentive and more prone to accidents. People with sleep disorders have a higher likelihood of getting into an auto accident. It has been estimated that drivers suffering from a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea - are much more likely to get into a car accident. It is estimated that somewhere between 6 and 15 times more likely to have road auto traffic accidents than those without having the sleep apnea condition.  

Men are more likely to have sleep apnea than women. Most studies have shown that men are more likely than women to snore at night.

People who are overweight more likely to have sleep apnea and snore at night. As we discussed, being overweight can be an important factor to be snoring at night or having sleep apnea.

The face anatomy is another factor for people to snore at night.  Interesting enough - the mouth and face anatomy do contribute to possibly snoring at night. If have a low and soft thick palate, this may cause the narrowing of the airway - hence, leading to more likelihood of snoring at night.  Those that drink too much alcohol before sleeping may also experience more snoring - why? Since this will lead to the body to more relax the throat muscles and reduces the natural ways your body fights off airway obstruction.

CPAP Machine Blog, CPAP Treatment of Sleep Apnea and the Pros and Cons of Using CPAP Machine:

Some factors that increase the risk of sleep apnea include having a recessed chin, small upper airway, being overweight, large tongue or tonsils, alcohol use and smoking.  With any type of CPAP Machine Info Discussion                                     For people who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea, using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine may be just what the doctor ordered.

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea.  It occurs when the soft tissue in the back of the throat relaxes during sleep, blocking the airway and causing very loud snoring.  People with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea wear a face mask that is connected to a pump, the CPAP machine. Air is forced into nasal passages at a pressure that is strong enough to overcome airway obstructions.  This process stimulates normal breathing patterns. The airway pressure is continuously delivered into the upper airway during the normal patterns of inhaling and exhale.


Effective and safe for adults and children, CPAP can improve the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea including heart function and hypertension and resolve daytime fatigue.  The CPAP must be used every night for life, or symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea will return. And please note: It is important that one does not purchase a CPAP machine unless instructed to do so by their doctor.  CPAP patients must be monitored in a sleep lab to determine the correct amount of air pressure for their needs.

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Unfortunately, for some - the CPAP Machine is not something they can wear at night. Some of the common reasons are that the device is somewhat cumbersome to wear during sleep, feeling claustrophobic, difficulty in tolerating forced air and having a dry mouth feeling.  Are there options? Yes, there are new sleep apnea devices and new types of sleep apnea machines coming to the market.  We get asked many Local Sleep Apnea Questions Online and get many CPAP Questions Online at Just Dental.  Post Your Online Sleep Apnea Question or CPAP Machine Question here at Just Dental.

  • Dental Appliances used by dentists to help with snoring:
  • Mouth guard blog - Snoring oral appliance chat:

There are various dental appliances or dental products that your local dentist can provide to you - to help with snoring.  These are oral appliances that look similar to a mouthguard.  Basically, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth.  Then will have it made in the office or send it to a dental lab.  The final product should fit snuggly in the mouth, and is to be worn at night.  It is very important, to understand how the appliance works and to Follow the dentist's directions.  If have any trouble wearing the appliance, they should follow up and may need to have it adjusted by the dentist.  

We will be discussing this in future articles here at Just Dental.  We have had many Sleep Apnea Questions & Online Snoring Treatment Questions - we hope our readers enjoyed this Local Snoring Blog, Sleep Apnea Chat, Symptoms of Sleep Apnea Discussion, Sleep Apnea Treatment Chat Online, and CPAP Device Chatting Online with us. Sleep Apnea and Bruxism may be related.  An article that may interest those reading this article on Sleep Apnea - is our Bruxism Blogging and Teeth Grinding Chat article.  Here is our Just Dental article link

Teeth Grinding Blog, Bruxism Blogging, Local Bruxism Treatment Chat

Summary: Sleeping At Night Chat - Online Snoring Blogging - Sleep Apnea Blog - Sleep Apnea Teledentistry Consult Sleep apnea treatment chat and virtual teledentistry snoring consult online discussion. Best sleep apnea information question blog and online sleeping chatting questions get answers to at Just Dental.

In summary,  many millions of people snore at night or have sleep apnea at night.  Understanding how this affects one's health, and the sleep apnea treatment options available now to help treat these conditions.  There are steps one can take before going to sleep and while sleeping which can help with reducing snoring and reducing sleep apnea - as well as, doctors and dentists that can provide dental appliances to wear at night. Online Snoring Blog and detrimental health effects of sleep apnea discussion with us - as well as a better understanding of how to try to treat this condition. People are now getting local teledentistry sleep apnea consultation virtually

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