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In the last couple hundred years, modern dentistry has come about. It is hard to imagine, but as recently as 100 years ago - many adults had multiple teeth missing because of lack of dental care. It is interesting to note, the first dentists in America were Barbers and Blacksmiths. In 1840, the first dental school in USA was opened at the University of Baltimore. In the early 1900's many dental specialties were formed to tackle specific dental care problems.  For example, in 1919 the American Academy of Periodontics was formed and Periodontics was recognized as a dental specialty in 1941.  In this local dentists blog, we will be discussing local dental specialties and what they do.

Dental Specialties Chat, Local General Dentistry Information Online Blog,  Cosmetic Dentists Chat Online

Just Dentalting about Dental Specialties:

Dentistry has advanced rapidly in the last century.  Just think about it, just 80 years ago - many people had multiple missing teeth by the age of 40.  Now, more and more people are not only saving their teeth - but also making their teeth whiter and more attractive with various cosmetic dental care procedures.  This dental blog will discuss the various recognized dental specialties.  

  • Dental Public Health Blog:

Having the right city, state and national dental policy for all communities is a must in an ever-growing population base. Dental diseases can be reduced greatly if proper preventive dental care is done. Not having proper dental care and dental hygiene awareness is an increasing burden on the health care system.  Dental Public Health Professionals deal with dental epidemiology and social health policy.

Dental Public Health (DPH) is a non-clinical dental specialty dealing with the prevention and promotion of oral health. Dental Public Health participates in the evaluation of the main dental health needs and finds effective solutions to improve the dental health of populations, not individuals.

  • Endodontics Chat - Root Canal Treatment Blog:

Although general dentists can perform endodontic treatment, there are several things that distinguish endodontists. Endodontists use the microscope during treatment to better treat small internal anatomy of the teeth without removing too much of the dental tissue or causing the jaw damage. Additionally, endodontists use CBCT (3D) to evaluate the severity of subjects and to diagnose and treat endodontic planning. General Dental Care for Patients Is Strengthened at Endodont's Dental Equipment. It basically studies the therapeutic and pulmonary disease.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Info / Cosmetic Dentist Blog:

Many people from all walks of life enjoy having a nicer smile with whiter teeth.  From celebrities and well-known individuals to people from all walks of life are indulging in having cosmetic dentistry done to their teeth.  It improves the appearance (though not necessarily of functionality) of teeth, gums and/or bites and focuses primarily on the dental aesthetic enhancement of color, position, shape, size, alignment and total smile. Cosmetic dental care It may involve the addition of tooth or right teeth - examples: dental veneers  (dental laminates), crowns (caps), removal of tooth tissue or shaping of gums (gingivoplasty and gingivectomy) or teeth whitening, laser bleaching, gum depigmentation, straightening of the teeth with the accompanying improvement in appearance of the face.

  • Dental Implant Specialists Chat:

Many older adults who are missing teeth - will need or are considering getting a dental implant(s).  Dental Implants can be placed by general dentists - or by dental specialists such as oral surgeons or periodontists.

Dental Implants can have crowns, dentures or bridges placed on them.  Bridges mounted on dental implants, generally do not slip or move in the mouth as much, when eating or talking. To receive dental implants or have dental implant placement in your mouth, you need healthy bone and gums to support the dental implant. Some patients may need bone augmentation in the jaw area where are having dental implants placed. People post-operatively must also commit to keeping these structures healthy & use good oral hygiene after getting dental implants. Careful oral hygiene and regular dental visits are keys to the long-term success of dental implants. The American Dental Association has not made dental implant placement specifically as a dental specialty. As mentioned, a wide variety of licensed dentists perform this procedure for their patients. 

There are two types of dental implants most in use now:

  • Endostatin dental implants - they are surgically implanted directly into the jaw. After surrounding tissue heal, another surgery is needed to connect the pillar of the original implant. Finally, the artificial (or tooth) joins the half of the teeth individually or grouped onto the dental bridge or prosthesis - providing a nice set of teeth to chew on.

  • Subperiosteal dental implants - it consists of a metal frame that fits into the jaws just below the dental flesh. When the gum is healed, the frame is attached to the jaws. The subperiosteal dental implant pillars are attached to the frame, which penetrates through them. The important part of this surgical operation is the pain-free strategy use in carrying out the process (anesthesia).

Pediatric Dentistry Chat: Pediatric Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with oral care of children's teeth from birth through adolescence. Pediatric dentists help treating and educating youngsters and parents to promote better dental health of children. Early detection of teeth problem is essential to maintaining good oral health.  Changing unnatural habits such as thumb sucking and providing various dental appliances / space maintainers for children that lose teeth prematurely, etc. Pediatric dentists can help with providing important dental care treatment plans such as placing dental sealants on teeth.

Amongst services you can receive from pediatric dentistry are disease diagnosis of the lips, promotion and oral health cleansing and fluoride treatment and prevention of disease. Make treatment plans for maintaining or restoring your patients' oral health. They would certainly secure anesthesia, control of growth and development of the teeth and jaw, performing surgical procedures on the teeth, bones and soft tissue of the oral cavity.

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Blog  

  • Oral Surgeon Chat:

  • Oral Surgery Blog:

Oral surgeons carry out oral examination, diagnosis and can provide treatment of oral and maxillofacial related diseases. Oral surgeons specialize in the treatment of many diseases, injuries and damage to the head, neck, face, jaw and hard and soft oral areas of the mouth - as well as with the maxillofacial tissue (jaws and face).

Why and when should I visit an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon?

  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants.

  • Complicated tooth extraction / root tip extraction.

  • Diagnosis of oral cancer, treatment of oral cancer.

  • Needing impacted wisdom teeth extracted.

  • After reconstruction of the face and jaw after cancer surgery.

  • Consulting for jaw surgery.

  • Complications after having a tooth extracted.

  • Oral surgery / surgical reconstruction due to the inadequate bone structure of the jaws.

  • Need oral cyst removed and biopsied.

Oral surgeons are trained to treat major facial trauma. Many oral surgeons receive special medical training with physicians - hence, they can have extensive oral and facial anatomy training that may be needed for oral trauma to the face.  Many hospitals use oral surgeons to treat people who may have been involved in a severe car accident involving facial trauma. Dentists refer many oral cancer patients to oral surgeons to biopsy and treat.

  • Periodontics Chat / Periodontist Blog:

Periodontics is the study of the gum and bone supporting teeth in the mouth.  Periodontists help treats dental gum diseases. One of the biggest reasons why people lose teeth as they grow older in life, is because of gum disease. Periodontists can perform bone grafting and place dental implants in the mouth.  Many people who feel as though their teeth are becoming looser or more mobile, will be referred to periodontists. Periodontists can help with oral cancer detection and treatment. Periodontics or periodontists became a dental specialty in 1941 in the USA. 

In summary -  Dentistry rapidly advanced rapidly the last couple of decades.  Now, there are dentists that specialize in various areas of dental care - which provides patients more options. Local Dental Specialties Chat Dentistry Information Online Blog and Online General Dentistry Blogging with us.  Whether it is Endodontics Blogging Online Root Canal Treatment Chatting - to Wisdom Tooth Extraction Chatting about Oral Surgeons >>  we are looking to discuss all aspects of dentistry with us.  We welcome our reader's dental suggestions and future dental topics that they would like us to discuss.  Many people post their dental questions with us.  Try us out and share it with others.

  • Prostho Chat,  Prosthodontics Discussion - Crowns, Full Dentures & Partial Dentures Chat:

Prosthodontists are dental specialists that help with making advanced forms of crowns, dentures and other dental appliances to wear in the mouth. Many older adults still wear dentures - whether it is a partial denture or full denture. If you wear a denture prosthesis, then probably know how uncomfortable they can be eating with over time.  Dentures do help in at least providing some level of chewing and providing better esthetics usually - compared to not having any teeth. Though now, with the advent of dental implants - partial dentures are less desirable. Now, can have dental implants placed in mouth with all the teeth missing & have denture to attach to those dental implants.  This provides more stable eating and chewing functionality for the patient. This combination approach has many advantages, with one disadvantage being the cost. Dental Crowns and dental veneers can be made to make a person have very near perfect looking white teeth. There are various shades of white or various ways of making them. Dental Veneers is used to fix multiple front teeth, to have a similar look and color - hence, many celebrities and models may be having them in their mouths.

Dentistry has rapidly advanced in the last couple decades.  Now, there are dentists that specialize in various areas of dental care - which provides patients more options. Local Dental Specialties Chat,  Cosmetic Dental Care Information, Online Specialized Dentists Blog and Online General Dentistry Blogging with us.  Whether it is Endodontics Blogging Online Root Canal Treatment Chatting - to Wisdom Tooth Extraction Chatting about Oral Surgeons >>  we are looking to discuss all aspects of dentistry with us.  We are networking with some of the best minds in dentistry and technology.

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Dental specialists can provide many specialized dental care services for patients. From helping in treating facial trauma from bad accidents, oral cancer treatment and severe periodontal disease treatment - Local Specialized dentists provide valuable assistance to people that have specific types of dental care needs. We want people to get their Local Dentistry Information Online with us. We did Dental Specialties Chat, Online Dental Specialists Blog, Local Cosmetic Dentists Chat Online and Local General Dentistry Information Chatting in this dental article.  Most areas of healthcare and medical doctor professionals are becoming specialized.  With physicians specializing in all aspects of health care from general medicine (internal medicine) to cardiologists. Dentistry is very similar - with many dental specialties now specializing in various areas of dental care to provide more focused dentistry to better treat patients.