What is Just Dental?

Just Dental is the leading and pioneer smart dental platform connecting people to dentists. Have you ever had a dental emergency that's kept you from sleeping at night? Or have you had difficulty locating a certified dentist who can immediately address your dental concerns? We understand.  As a solution, we created Just Dental.com where we connect you with board-certified dentists in your area. Just Dental.com was founded by a licensed dentist with years of experience treating hundreds of emergency dental patients day and night. We designed this platform to provide rapid and accurate information to our users 24/7. Our mission is to help people address their dental questions from one of our licensed dentists in the comfort of their home or from their mobile device while traveling. We guarantee that you'll receive vital information from our licensed dentists. With our world-class team of professionals serving patients like you, we're bringing more smiles to the world.

  • We want to bring better dental care all over the world.  Partner and work with us. Our goal is to always improve - we can do so with your help and support.  
  • Just Dental uses Smart Technology to better connect people with dentists.  Our mission is to help people with their dental care. We know this is an ongoing process that we have put many, many years into  and we are happy to say that we have helped hundreds of thousands of people with better dental care.

What services can I receive on Just Dental?

We answer your dental questions and find local dentists near you. Our goal is to connect you with the right dentist on Just Dental.com that you trust to treat your dental problems.  No matter where you live or what your question is, our team of dentists tries to provide dental answers and resources you need.

How do I get started?

Getting started on Just Dental is simple. Generate a profile on our secure site at https://just-dental.com/patient/register and we'll answer your dental question or find you local dentists near you in your region.  Dentists can sign up at https://just-dental.com/dentist-signup .  Please note that we do not ask for private identity information such as social security number or any form of identification. We do need some information to better help answer your dental questions and to find dentists near you. Be sure to check your inbox for email confirmation after signing up.  We do try our best to protect all information and try to make our site use the least amount of personal information we can get while trying to provide you the user great service.

Free Dental Consult and Find Local Dentists Near Your with us.  Currently, our site is Free to all people looking for dental questions to be answered and to Find Local Dentists. We are proud to have helped answer many dental questions from our users & provide Complimentary Dental Consultation Online- Dental advice online for Free. We are the clear leader and innovator in this space - having been around for a long time and pioneering in the dental space.

For dentists joining our team of providers, please create an account here https://just-dental.com/dentist-signup . Please check your inbox for an email confirmation. We will review your application, and once your application is approved you're ready to begin connecting with Just Dental users.

What is the aim of Just Dental?

At Just Dental, our aim is to connect users with dental concerns to local dentists who can provide answers to questions and help them improve their dental health. We're focused on being the most comprehensive dental resource for people looking online for dental answers from board-certified dentists.

How long will it take for my questions to be answered?

You can get in touch with us at any time of the day, which includes nights and weekends. We offer our services online 24/7!  Please continue to check Just Dental.com for continuous improvements over the months ahead.

How do I connect with the right dentist?

We realize that finding the right dentist can be challenging.  Fortunately, we have a team of experienced and board-certified dentists available to help you. You specify your dental problem and a team of professionals gets you the right information. And if you need it, we will help you find the right dentist in your region for the care you deserve. Our goal is to have you be well-informed about the service that you will need before your visit to the dental office. Just Dental.com's complimentary real-time platform ensures you get more dental information and to connect you with local dentists near you.  We are continuously growing, improving and expanding.  We are always looking to add more features to help both the patients and the dentists.

Are new dentists being recruited?

The primary goal of Just Dental.com is to connect participating dentists to our growing database of users. We are looking to increase our network of licensed dentists. With your help, we're striving to make Just Dental the leading professional site for dentists and patients to communicate and connect.

- FAQ for Just Dental - Frequently Answered Dental Questions and Finding Local Dentists on Just Dental.com.

If have more FAQ Dentist Questions to ask us on Just Dental, just email us at service@just-dental.com.  We try our best to answer most of your inquiries within 48 hours or less.

Want to partner with us?

We at Just Dental welcome partnering with dental companies, dentists, dental professionals, technology companies, Ai platforms, and financial companies.  We also, partner with expert dental bloggers to provide great dental information for our users.  Simply email us at service@just-dental.com and state SEEKING PARTNERSHIP in the header.