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Getting a single dental crown is fairly routine. Some people though need a more complex set of dental restorations such as needing dental crowns and dental bridges.

Online Prosthodontics Information Blog, Local Prosthodontist Chat, Best Prosthodontists Blogging

Getting a dental crown, or a dental bridge for most people would mean visiting their local dental office.  There are dental specialists that specialize in crown & bridge and dental restoration for the mouth. Many people do search online for more prosthodontics information online. These specialized dentists are called prosthodontists. In this local prosthodontist chat article, we will discuss this and other local prosthodontics questions online we get asked.

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We are at Just Dental looking to discuss various dental topics.  We are covering all aspects of dentistry.  Dentistry has become more and more specialized in the last 100 years. Just like physicians who become specialized in various fields of medicine - dentistry has various fields or dental specialties.  Dental Specialties Blogging - understanding the different fields of dentistry or branches of dentistry. Now, there are various Dental Specialties recognized in dentistry.  One of the groups of dental specialists - are specialized dentists that get more dental education training in specific aspects of dentistry.  One of the groups of dental specialists after completing dental school - is called Prosthodontists.  Prosthodontists provide prosthodontic treatment to patients - specifically in dental restorations and facial / jaw restorations. Each prosthodontist may further specialize in a specific area and may possibly be involved in other areas of dentistry. 

Online Prosthodontics Blog, Local Prosthodontist Chat, Best Prosthodontists Blogging

  • What is a Prosthodontist?

ProsthoDontist - prostho means replacement and dentist mean teeth.  Prosthodontists provide very good teeth restoration services such as the crowns that go on dental implants in the mouth, long-span bridges, or various cosmetic crowns.  In the US, A Prosthodontist first completes dental school - getting either a DDS degree or DMD degree from an accredited dental school.  Then, they continue their dental school education - which may last anywhere from 2 years to 4 years, depending on the university, dental program, or dental school.  During this extra dental training, they train specifically on making crowns, bridges, dentures, and other forms of dental restorations that go into the mouth. 

What is the type of dental restorations a prosthodontist does? 

Your local prosthodontist can do many areas of dentistry - these are some of the usual areas that they do.  Usually, as we will discuss - they will focus on more complex dental restorations. Mostly prosthodontists provide dental treatment with various types of prosthodontics or prosthetics in the mouth.

- Dental crown(s).

- Dental implant crown(s).

- Dental bridge.

- Full and partial dentures.

- Fillings.

- Dental veneers.

- Inlays and onlays.

  • Can prosthodontists cost more?

Generally, this will differ from one office to another dental office.  Though, usually, a prosthodontist office will be costing more to make a dental crown - as compared to a general dentist office.  This does vary - and each dental practice has its own price points. That is, it is more likely the dental crown restoration made at the prosthodontist's office would cost more than a general dental office.  Again, this does vary -  each state, region, and dental office has their own fee schedules.  Best to ask and check before having dental treatments to know the exact costs, so can make an informed financial decision.

  • Complex Dental Restorations Discussion - having more than one type of dental appliance in the mouth:

Some people may have multiple types of dental restorations in the mouth.  Not only that, they may be grinding their teeth at night or having other forms of dental habits that can excessively wear on the teeth.  Hence, these people may be having multiple crowns, dental bridges, and wearing a night guard at night.  This poses challenges to the dentist.  Some dentists will choose to refer these patients to a prosthodontist for prosthodontics treatment.  Prosthodontists can help in providing the TMJ appliance, the patient wears at night.  Many times, the prosthodontist can be working hand in hand with the periodontist or oral surgeon - with each doing their own specialty.  That is, a periodontist may be placing the dental implants - and the prosthodontist may be making the dental crown that goes on top of it / the dental implant crown is attached to the dental implant.

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We discussed what is a prosthodontist, and what do prosthodontists do?  ProsthoDontist generally does more complex dental crowns, dental bridges, and dental implant restorations in the mouth.  That is after the dentist or periodontist places the dental implants in the mouth - the prosthodontist will complete the dental restorations in the mouth.  Especially, in complex dental restoration cases - where multiple types of appliances are going into the mouth. We did Local Prosthodontist Information Online, Online Prosthodontics Blog, Local Prosthodontist Chat, Best Prosthodontists Blogging, and Online Prosthodontic Chatting - and can view our dental blogs on Just Dental.com.  Great time to network and market online with us.  Just Dental was founded by a dentist over 12 years ago.  We are looking to provide people with more dental information - making the world a more smiley place.

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Cosmetic dentists or prosthodontists can provide many types of great dental restoration options for patients.  Best yet can do local cosmetic dental teledentistry consulting online now - virtual prosthodontist teledental consult online.

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