Dental Dry Socket Problems after Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

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Some people that have tooth pain, may end up needing to get their tooth extracted (tooth pulled out). These patients are relieved that with tooth removal, their abscess or tooth pain should go away. A Dry Socket can happen after any tooth extraction, including after a wisdom tooth extraction.

One thing some patients do not fully realize is that after getting a tooth extracted - they will need to follow the post-operative instructions carefully and to make sure the open socket area left after the tooth extraction heals properly. In this Wisdom Teeth Chat article, we will be discussing postoperative tooth extraction protocols and how to know if they have a dry socket problem after having had a tooth extraction

Common Tooth Extraction Questions - Dry Socket Question:

We get asked many local dry socket questions online - those who end up unfortunately with a dry socket after extracting a tooth (most times a wisdom tooth), may experience quite a bit of pain for a week or so. Will know if have a dry socket, when to notice a hole after tooth extraction a day or 2 after, and can see the bone (the socket area has not filled up with a clot).  The extraction socket area should be filling up with tissue and a clot.  For some people, this takes a lot longer to happen.

Common tooth extraction question is, how do I not develop a dry socket

For one, allow a clot to form in the area of the tooth extraction. Do not smoke until the area fully healed, do not continuously spit out hard (dislodge the clot), and just be more gentle in the area.  As we will discuss - people that get dental bone graft after having their tooth extracted have less dry socket problems.

Dental Dry Socket Problems after Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Online Dry Socket Chat

 Some dry socket information points:

  • Some people, unfortunately, do not form a blood clot where the tooth is extracted. This can be due to a variety of reasons.

  • Usually, those that have a dental bone graft placed into the extraction socket are less likely to have a dry socket.

  • Dry sockets usually will heal over a period of time - though, this process can be quite painful.

  • After any tooth extraction, a dry socket may happen.

  • Good idea to be in contact with your dentist / oral surgeon - post-operative exam, etc.

  • For most people, a blood clot forms in the extraction socket after tooth extraction. When the blood clot does not form, then you can get this.

Dry socket is a fairly common dental problem and may result in extreme pain. Though only about 2 or 3 percent of people experience this, those that do can have quite a painful experience. Because a blood clot hasn’t formed where a tooth was extracted, there is some severe sensitivity where the tooth once was. This dental pain can be debilitating, so it’s important to understand dry sockets and how to avoid them. You can ask dentists Dry Socket Questions directly in our live dentist chat at Just Dental, where you’ll get personalized dentistry answers and advice for your dental situation.   

Your Local Dentist or Local Oral Surgeon can help in treating your dry socket

Your dentist or oral surgeon can clean out the socket area, and place special paste and gauze to allow the area to heal with less pain.  This will need to be changed every so often at the dental office. 

Why Are Teeth Extracted? Dry Socket Chat, Dry Socket Questions:

First, let's go over teeth extraction in this Dental Pain Blog about Why to Get Teeth Extracted and other Teeth Extraction Questions. There are many reasons why a tooth or teeth are extracted. Here are some of the reasons. 

We get asked many local wisdom tooth pain questions online at Just Dental. Wisdom tooth pain or wisdom teeth erupting in a bad way. Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common reasons why get a tooth pulled out or removed from the mouth. Wisdom teeth are called third molars by dentists and are generally erupting (becoming visible) from under the gums around the age of 15 or later. The age when wisdom teeth erupt or come out varies. Some wisdom teeth never erupt and are fully impacted under the gums. Not all wisdom teeth need to extract or should get extracted. Best to get great dental x-rays and dental imaging done of the area with CT scan, etc. to see the condition of the third molars. Some wisdom teeth extractions are easy, and others may need a more surgical approach to getting these third molars out. That is, you may need to open the gums in that area and remove the wisdom teeth that are impacted. 

Severe Tooth Decay can cause a tooth to need to be extracted. If the decay goes below the gum line, then the tooth may become structurally compromised. Large cavities in a tooth can spread in size and make the whole tooth not be able to be dentally restored with a filling or root canal. The root area and the coronal portion of the teeth, when both have large caries in them - makes the tooth be a more likely candidate for removal. 

Bad gum disease or periodontitis can cause loss of a tooth or loss of many teeth. The underlying jawbone structure begins to recede, and the tooth starts to become loose. Teeth mobility over time can lead to teeth loss for people with severe periodontitis. Hence, people with periodontal disease are advised to get dental treatment as early as possible. 

Common Local Wisdom Teeth Chat Questions:  Will I get a Dry Socket after my wisdom tooth extraction? 

Having a dry socket is always possible after getting any kind of tooth extraction. The dry socket usually happens within the first couple of days and becomes noticeable by the patient. It forms when a blood clot doesn’t fill the gap left behind by an extracted tooth. For those that have experienced a Dry Socket after having a Wisdom Tooth extracted - it is usually an experience that one does not forget. 

That’s because dry socket pain is severe, and unavoidable by simply eating or drinking certain things. Regardless of what you do, the dry socket will deliver debilitating pain until dealt with by professionals. 

Wisdom Tooth Chat, Wisdom Tooth Questions: 

Wisdom teeth are one of the most complicated areas of dentistry with all the variables of formation, angles, shape, and growth rate. This is why they come up so often at Just Dental.  Want more local wisdom teeth blog information at Just Dental - here is a wisdom tooth blog info link.

Dental Bone Grafting Blogging - Dental Bone Graft Question Information Blog:

We get asked many dental bone graft questions online and people want to better understand what is dental bone grafting procedure. People that have correctly placed dental bone grafting placement done after a tooth extraction, are usually less likely to have a dry socket problem. There are many types of dental bone grafting materials used after wisdom tooth extraction. We have several good dental bone graft blogs that can get useful dental information. Dentists may recommend people to get dental bone grafting done after tooth extraction for dental jaw bone preservation, lessen the likelihood of getting dry socket problem, and also, for those that are thinking of having dental implant placement in the future. 

To ask your Wisdom Tooth Questions, visit wisdom tooth pain question link

A Common Wisdom Tooth Question we receive at Just Dental is How do I know when to go to the dentist for Third Molar Teeth Pain

With the naked eye, it is hard to see what is going on under the tooth.  That is why your dentist can take dental imaging x-rays to see what is happening in your dental wisdom tooth area. What is causing your wisdom tooth pain? The wisdom tooth answer to this wisdom teeth question is complicated because there are so many potential issues with wisdom teeth. There are a variety of reasons, from emergency level inflammation to cosmetic issues. Some key features to look for when having Wisdom Teeth Pain and when to go to the emergency dentist or local emergency oral surgeon, is whether wisdom teeth have broken through your gums, or are angled poorly to either grow in your cheek area or push against other teeth. Also, poor oral hygiene can cause some issues. One thing is certain, by going to your local dentist or local oral surgeon right when having the discomfort, can perhaps provide some better wisdom teeth answers as to what is going on?  They can take dental x-rays and various types of dental imaging pictures, to show what is going on under your gums.

If you think your wisdom teeth are growing in a dangerous way, getting to a dentist sooner rather than later could save you a lot of pain, money, and time. 

You can look over more Dry Socket Treatment Questions and Local Dry Socket Answers in this Wisdom Teeth Chat Blog. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Chat:

Wisdom teeth are removed or extracted from the mouth for many reasons. One reason may be preventive measures. For instance, if the wisdom tooth is coming in at a bad angle or is causing gum problems because it is hard to keep clean. These third molars may be causing dental problems such as gum disease / gingival inflammation. Sometimes wisdom teeth are not growing in the right way or impacted in such a way, that dentists or orthodontists may recommend extracting it. Orthodontists may sometimes recommend wisdom teeth extraction when doing teeth straightening for some adults. 

Third Molar Teeth Problem Chatting,  Dry Socket Pain Chat:

Let's discuss why dry sockets can happen when having third molar extractions. Why getting a dry socket usually is more common with wisdom teeth? The wisdom tooth or third molars are usually larger teeth, and when extracted, can leave a large void in the mouth. It is also, in the back of the mouth. These factors can contribute to getting a dry socket in the wisdom tooth area after extraction. Now local dentists and local oral surgeons have various ways of helping avoid this by packing in and suturing up the area of the extraction. Of course, the patient plays a big part in this - if the patient dislodges the clot being formed and does not follow post-op instructions, this can be a big factor in getting a dry socket. 

If the dentist sees or does a dental exam of the mouth and notices that the wisdom tooth is impacted that is causing pain or it might be problematic in the future, then will most likely recommend for the Wisdom Tooth or Wisdom Teeth to be extracted. Sometimes orthodontist(s) recommend for teens to have their wisdom teeth extracted before getting braces. Older adults wanting orthodontics braces - Wisdom tooth extraction before having braces in adults in their twenties is common.

How do dentists, orthodontists or oral surgeons know what to do with wisdom teeth? One of the key tools dentists use for examining the wisdom teeth is to take a variety of dental x-rays & dental imaging machines. There are a variety of dental x-ray machines that allow dentists to fully examine and view the wisdom teeth underneath the gums. These can include 3D pan machines or CT scan machines. They provide better imaging of the underlying third molars, and under the gums imaging to your local dentist, local periodontist or local oral surgeon

Even wisdom teeth that have grown in properly are subject to issues such as an infection from Food bacteria trapped between the tooth and jaw where it is tough to brush. If infections become frequent, it is a good idea to have the tooth removed as it can cause medical danger. If the wisdom tooth interferes with the tongue, it will need to be removed as the pain will numb the tongue. Also, anyone who has been orthodontically treated is recommended to have the teeth removed as the addition could disrupt the alignment. 

Wisdom teeth should only be removed by experienced dental professionals. A panoramic x-ray is the best technology the industry currently has for viewing wisdom teeth and diagnosing problems. We have many Local Oral Surgery Information Blog articles to read from.

Common Local Wisdom Teeth Questions: What Causes Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction? 

There are several problems that can occur after the removal of wisdom teeth. Some are natural and cannot be avoided. In other instances, the patient has control over or may be causing the dry socket to happen. The patient should follow all instructions given by the surgeon diligently. Failure to do so could result in problems ranging from a dry socket to a life-threatening infection. 

Dry sockets are caused by a blood clot falling out or failing to form. The dentist / oral surgeon will give advice as to how to avoid these. Following the post-op instructions provided is good, as there are certain things that should not be done after teeth extraction(s). Painful swelling sometimes does occur and maybe a sign that the body is healing naturally. Anything unusual or substantial, you should contact your local emergency dentist office or your local dentist. However, any little swelling should begin to reduce after it peaks. If this does not occur, the surgeon or dentist needs to be contacted. With dental problem(s) involving pain or swelling, the dentist or dental office should be contacted as soon as can. Some dental extractions are more complicated than usual and need more work. Speaking with your dentist about what to expect is a good idea before and after getting extraction(s). 

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In this local dry socket article, we discussed dry socket problems, wisdom teeth treatment, wisdom teeth pain, wisdom teeth extraction, preventing dry socket from happening and more. We learned that to avoid smoking, allow a clot to form after tooth extraction, and what to look for if having a dry socket problem. We did dental dry socket pain after wisdom tooth extraction chatting online in this third molar information blog. Local teledentist toothache consulting online chat to get dentistry answers.  People can get dental bone grafting procedure done right after a tooth extraction to reduce the possibility of having dry socket problems. 

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