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The white colored tooth fillings that sometimes turn yellower over time, are called composite fillings. Most times these are tooth-colored fillings, with most people not having pearly white-colored. In this local dental filling blog, we will be discussing composite dental fillings and more. We get asked many local composite filling questions such as why did my filling break or do I need a filling? As we will discuss, a vast majority of people in the USA over the age of 20 - have had one or more dental filling placed into their mouth. Of course, your mouth is a dynamic place - where you eat and chew food. This places a lot of stress on your teeth. Hence, your teeth can chip or break over time. We get asked local broken tooth questions online ​- and people wondering what they should do? 

Why called white fillings or tooth-colored fillings?  70 years ago, most people had silver-colored amalgam colored fillings - that may turn blackish color in the mouth after several years. People did not like their white-colored teeth looking black colored in the mouth.  Hence, many people would just call these dental fillings - white fillings instead of the amalgam silver/ blackish colored fillings. They would ask for white fillings.  Now, of course, composite fillings have come a long way.  Can match any tooth color - from slightly white, to slightly yellow or just plain white tooth-colored - depending on the other teeth present in the person's mouth. 

Dental Filling Information, Best Composite Fillings Blog and Local Cosmetic Dentistry Teledentist Consulting:

Composite fillings have a long history in dentistry, but they haven’t always been done perfectly. Modern dentistry has improved on a lot of things, and the advent of composite fillings is a big milestone in dentistry. Initially, composite fillings would not last long and would leak, hence would get a yellowish color around the edges of the composite filling on the tooth.

Most dentists use composite dental fillings, as the filling material of choice. There are various dental filling materials being used all over the world. Today fillings can be made from silver amalgam (a mix of copper, mercury, silver, tin, and zinc), gold, silver, plastic, and composite resin. Each of these materials has different strengths and weaknesses, so local dentists globally approach this choice on a case-by-case basis looking at oral health and budget limitations. As we will discuss, people can get local teledentistry chat consulting service online to get more dental filling information & dental suggestions virtually.

My tooth chipped questions or my filling broke question online:

Many people ask for a chipped tooth help online or have a chipped tooth problem question to ask dentists online. People can now get chipped tooth teledental online help to get more information. Many people are using telemedicine for getting online physician consultation. People can do local cosmetic dentistry teledentist consultation online to get local composite filling answers online.  Getting virtual cosmetic dentist consult and local dental suggestions on what they will be needing. Of course, will still need the patient to go into the dental practice to get the composite filling treatment.  Most times, people are looking for some guidance and dental suggestions, about what to do about their dental problem. If chip a tooth, and don't have any pain - and it is small, then maybe a simple composite filling may do the job?  Of course, if large chipped tooth fracture and nerve, may require root canal treatment? Either way, best to get dental x-rays.

Modern Dental Fillings History and Best Online Dental Fillings Blog​:

Amalgam fillings containing mercury were invented in the 1820s, and helped many people get tooth fillings early on. Even 50 or 60 years ago, they were the filling of choice for most countries. Because of having mercury in them and making the teeth look blackish in color, amalgam fillings are not now the filling of choice. Now, most dental offices prefer dental composite fillings. Composite resin dental fillings were invented in the 1960s, though did not become readily available until the 1980s.  Early on, composite filling materials were not strong and not last long. With help from modern dental procedures and understanding, the process of composite fillings has been improved greatly.  With less chance of composite fillings leaking and falling out. But even new composite fillings can break, and certainly old ones, so knowing what to do with broken fillings is vitally important dental knowledge.

Of course, many people are always looking for more dental information about tooth fillings and trying to get a local cosmetic dentist consult online if possible. As we discussed, people can now get a composite tooth filling teledentistry service information online - remotely, they can have a live dentist consult. To learn more about dental fillings and composite fillings, you can visit our live virtual dentists chat at Just Dental and can chat with local dentists. You can ask ​local dentist questions and get personalized advice outside of this Dental Fillings Blog.

What Materials Are Used For Composite Fillings? Online Dental Fillings Questions and Composite Fillings Answer:

Perhaps the most common dental restoration in dentistry is the tooth filling. 40 or 50 years ago, most tooth fillings were done using amalgam filling material. Amalgam fillings include materials such as liquid mercury and some alloys. Because of these materials, amalgam is not used as often in dentistry - though, still, some dental offices use amalgam filling. Most dental offices now use composite material, which is white or tooth-colored dental filling material. Composite fillings can be done fairly quickly. Cost-wise, each dental office and city may differ on costs involved.

Dental Blue light question - Why the Blue UV Light?

Another​ common cosmetic dentistry questionwe get asked, is why do dentists use the blue light? The blue light cures or hardens the composite resin material. The composite resin material is initially soft and malleable when it comes out of the tube. Light and the curing blue light hardens or causes polymerization to happen. This hardens the composite material. Your dentist than most likely will file down or drill down and polish, to get just the right bite.

Online Dental Help and Getting Dental Answers:

Many people go online to search and get more dental information. We @ Just are looking to provide people with useful dental information. We are Online Just Dentalting about Composite Fillings​ - and discussing what to do when a tooth breaks or composite filling chips?

What is Tooth Filling?​​ Cosmetic Dentistry Questions Chat:

Many of the common dental care questions online, we get asked at Just Dental, is about Tooth Fillings.​ We will be discussing this more in-depth, in this local tooth filling blog. As we will discuss, many people at some point may end up with some tooth cavity that may need a composite white tooth filling.

White colored tooth filling treatment information questions - So what is a filling and why is it needed?

  • When there is a cavity or cavity in the tooth, that is not into the pulp canal area - it is drilled out and then filled with a tooth filling, which most times is composed of composite filling material.

  • Each tooth breaks or fractures in its own way. There are different types of broken teeth, chipped teeth, or broken filling, a person may experience. This may be a fractured cusp, broken tooth, chipped filling, chipped edge of the tooth, and a tooth vertical root fracture.

One thing a dentist usually does with dental fillings is to take some dental x-rays to make sure there is no pulp nerve damage. The enamel covers the outer layer of a tooth. The inside is more dentin and the pulp canal are in the middle part of the tooth. Dentists will check to see there is no pulp nerve exposure if a tooth breaks. If there is, then a root canal will most likely be needed to repair some very painful issues to come.

Dental Fillings Info and Composite Fillings Information:

  • Dental fillings last between 3 and 30 years depending on the material used.

  • Gold fillings last the longest of any dental fillings, and silver amalgam is second.

  • Getting a filling doesn’t usually hurt the patient at all, as most work is done on material, not teeth.

While these are true of different kinds of dental fillings like composite fillings, there is still room for error and potential for damage to dental fillings. In these cases, you will need to repair broken fillings.

Do I Need to Repair Broken Fillings and Composite Fillings?  Tooth Fillings Teledentistry Questions Chat:

Broken filling/broken fillings - composite fillings can sometimes chip or break. If the size of the chip and the breakage is not in the dental pulp region, this can be remedied with another composite filling, an inlay/only, or a crown. Your dentist will evaluate the broken tooth area and can generally repair it in a timely way. If the tooth nerve area is affected, then a root canal may be required - which is more costly and generally takes more time to do. Any openings or cracks in the composite fillings that open, it is best to get it fixed and repaired at the dental office by the dentist - as soon as possible.

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Local emergency dentists ​have many tools or options in fixing a broken tooth, chipped filling or broken fillings. The dentist has several standard procedures to choose from. They usually adopt one of the following procedures to fix a chipped tooth, broken filling or broken tooth filling. These procedures include dental composite bonding fillings, dental veneers​, dental inlay/dental onlay and dental crown(s).

How Do You Fix A Chipped Tooth? Common Dental Restorations Dentists Use to Fix a Chipped Tooth:

Your dentist may provide a couple of options to fix a broken tooth. What are the types of procedures dentists use to fix a chipped or broken tooth? These are the most common types of dental procedures used to fix a broken or chipped tooth. Sometimes of course, before doing the dental restoration - your dentist may recommend to first do root canal treatment.

  • Composite filling

  • Dental Crown

  • Inlay

  • Onlay

  • Dental veneer

  • Dental amalgam filling

Root Canal Treatment​:

People that have a large cavity that goes into the tooth pulp canal area or have severe tooth pain, may need to FIRST do root canal therapy. After the completion of root canal therapy, these patients may have a composite filling, dental crown, post & core, a dental inlay, or dental onlay placed onto the tooth.


Large Dental Caries Below The Gum Treatment Questions or Dental Root Caries-Tooth Extraction Question​:

A common emergency dentist question we get asked is, can all teeth get dental restoration or be saved? The simple dental answer is, unfortunately, no. If you have large cavities that extend several mm below the gum or have a tooth root fracture, then most likely they will need to extract the tooth. Large teeth fractures that extend into the tooth root usually can not be saved with dental restoration and may require to have the tooth extracted. Having the tooth extracted and maybe getting a dental implant may be a better option.

Composite Dental Filling Question​ -​ How Soon Can I eat After a Tooth Filling​ Question?

One should be careful after getting a composite filling done when eating initially. Those that have gotten local anesthesia, should allow it to wear away first if possible. Also, composite fillings can take a little time to be comfortable in the mouth. Your bite may not be perfect, etc. Hence, it is a good idea to start easy chewing on your teeth when having large composite fillings done. Of course, facial composite fillings do not chew on - hence, not as much a concern.

All of this depends on a thorough dental office exam by a dentist & most likely x-ray(s). The sooner a person goes to the dentist to fix a broken filling - the better. Chipped or broken teeth need to be repaired by a licensed dentist.

What To Do When Dental Fillings Break? Composite Fillings and Dental Veneers Questions

There are different types of broken teeth/chipped tooth/broken filling(s) - a person may experience. This may be a fractured cusp, craze lines, chipped filling and vertical root fracture. Hence, your dentist will do a thorough dental examination of your tooth before starting your dental treatment.

Larger Composite Fillings Chipping Questions Chatting -​ Why Composite Fillings Sometimes Chip?

Many people with composite fillings in their mouth have unfortunately experienced having one of their teeth chip. This is especially the case if your composite filling is very large and encompasses several tooth surfaces. Larger composite fillings that cover a lot of the tooth or cover several tooth surfaces are usually more likely to chip or break. This is due to the fact that when chewing, a lot of pressure is placed on the tooth and the tooth surfaces. That is why, when having a large part of the tooth missing - it may be a better idea to do an onlay or dental crown restoration.

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Composite fillings can sometimes chip or break. If the size of the chip and the breakage is not in the dental pulp region, this can be remedied with another composite filling, an inlay/onlay or a dental crown. Your dentist will evaluate the broken tooth area and can generally repair it in a timely way. If the tooth nerve area is affected, then a root canal may be required - which is more costly and generally takes more time to do. Any openings or cracks in the composite fillings that open, it is best to get it fixed and repaired at the dental office by the dentist - as soon as possible. Hence, get dental treatment as soon as can if you have some kind of broken tooth filling or if you have a broken tooth.

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Tooth Filling Cosmetic Dentist Teledentistry Consultation Online Video Dentistry​:

Using modern virtual dentistry can provide dental suggestions - especially if looking for some cosmetic dentistry suggestions. We discussed that​ Local Emergency Dentists have many types of restorations to choose from to fix a chipped edge of a tooth or broken filling. A broken filling or broken tooth can be fixed by using dental composite fillings, with a dental veneer, dental inlay, dental onlay or if the tooth has severe decay, a dental crown.

Dental Restoration Information Blog - Online Dental Restorations Discussion:

We get asked many dental restoration questions online ​at Just Dental. Here is some dental restoration information.

  • Before doing dental restorations, your dentist will need to do a thorough dental exam and may need dental x-rays (if the patient has not had for a while).

  • Composite fillings are made from a wide range of materials, depending on the manufacturer. Composite fillings have become much better in the last decade and now are more durable.

  • Composite fillings may need to be changed. Composite fillings may wear out over time and may need to be replaced. This is usually more common for instance in the facial surface area of teeth, which may cause the composite filling to fall out from zealous tooth brushing.

  • For some people, with larger dental caries - there are better dental restoration options. This may include inlays, dental crowns, dental veneers, and onlays. These types of restorations may cost more since many times these are made by a dental lab. That is, after the tooth is prepared or prepped by the dentist. The dentist will take an impression of the teeth in the area. Then the impression is sent to a lab and the final restoration comes back to be cemented in by the dentist. Some of these are made chairside now and in the dental office by some advanced dental milling machines.

  • Dental veneers are an effective dental restoration option for those that want a more dramatic esthetic change for their front teeth, as well as to fix dental defects or gaps between the front teeth.

  • Dental amalgam fillings are used rarely nowadays in the United States. Amalgam fillings have been around since the 1820s. Many people have older existing amalgam fillings that they choose not to replace. Some countries have banned amalgam use for children under the age of 15. Many of these countries are concerned about the mercury content in amalgam fillings. Many developing countries still use amalgam fillings, due to the ease of use and the long possible longevity. The EU (European Union) banned amalgam for children under the age of 15 in 2018.

    As we stated on the top - it is best to have a dental exam and have appropriate dental imaging x-rays to understand what is going on with the tooth - before having dental restorations done. Understanding the level of decay can provide you and your dentist more information before starting your dental treatment. For instance, if you have caries under your gums - then placing a composite filling may not last.

As with anything relating to health care, understanding your options, and having good dental information can provide better insight as to the dental restoration you should be getting.

In this local cosmetic dentistry blog​, we discussed dental restorations. Your dentist may provide a couple of options to fix a tooth chip or fix a broken tooth. Some people because there is a tooth abscess or pulp canal exposure, will need to first do a root canal treatment. After a root canal - these are the most common type of dental restorations that are used to restore the root canal tooth. A composite filling, post, and core, a Dental Crown, Inlay, and Onlay​. Restorations are used by dentists to fill a cavity or to fix a broken tooth. ​Find local dentists online​ with us at Just Dental. If have a​ dental veneer question, you can post your local dentist questions onlinewith us at Just Dental.

One thing is important to try to prevent having large cavities or teeth problems. Having a dental office exam by a dentist, dental x-rays if necessary, and getting regular dental prophy. The earlier a person goes to the dentist to fix a broken filling, the better the outcome most likely. A fractured or chipped tooth is structurally compromised. Chipped or broken teeth need to be fixed by a licensed dentist, as soon as possible.

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