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Tens of millions of people have dental crowns in their mouths. Dental crowns can last a long time, though occasionally they may fall out or break. We get many dental crown questions online at Just Dental.  We will be discussing dental crowns and how sometimes the crown can fall off.  As we will discuss, there are different types of dental crowns. For permanent dental crowns that are cemented in, they usually stay in place for many years. Though, sometimes they can break or fall out. Fortunately, this does not happen often. 

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Any product can fail or fall apart after a while.  A dental crown is placed or cemented onto a tooth.  Because of the wear and tear that happens from chewing on the dental crowned tooth, the crown can fall out or break off.  That is, the crown that is placed onto a tooth can be worn out or fall apart either after many years or possibly after a short time. The type of dental crown cement being used is important.  For instance, on temporary crowns, dentists will usually use temporary dental cement. This is done so can remove the crown easily.  These types of temporary crowns, do tend to fall out more easily - we will discuss this further in this local dental crown question blog.

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Most dental crowns are cemented onto the prepared tooth. From time to time, these dental crown(s) can become loose or fall out. This does not happen often, but it does happen from time to time.  Sometimes, a dental crown can become loose or break off with part of the tooth structure.  If the tooth breaks with the dental crown, then it is most likely going to need a new dental crown to be made.  All of this is done after a thorough dental exam by your dentist at their dental practice. It is important to visit a local dentist if have a permanent crown that is loose, to get it checked out. A loose crown may sometimes just break off, with a piece of tooth inside of it.

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Unfortunately, some people have their dental crown break off. Worse yet, sometimes the tooth breaks off with the crown. We get asked some broken dental crown questions online from time to time. One of these types of broken dental crown question is about their dental crown breaking with their tooth attached to the crown. One thing to keep in mind, if your tooth breaks with your dental crown - that is, your crown has fallen out with a piece of your tooth inside of it, then most likely will need to get a new dental crown. Your dentist will need to take dental x-rays and make sure there is no pulp nerve damage as well (if have not had root canal treatment already on the tooth)?  We will be discussing this issue further in this local dentist crown blog.

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Sometimes a dental crown will start feeling loose - what should you do? Loose crowns problems discussion and dental problem crown chat at Just Dental. We are @ Just Dental looking to be the best place to get the best local dental crown information online and local dentistry answers online.

Dental Crown(s) are generally cemented onto the tooth -- the tooth structure is prepared in a way that the crown goes onto the tooth like a hat that is worn on the head.  Dental crowns can become loose or fall out because of many reasons. One way that dental crowns may break or fall out, is when chewing on food or sticky candies. The dental crown that goes onto the tooth can become loose or possibly come out if eating something sticky or may break if chew on a popcorn kernel.

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As discussed, sometimes just like teeth - a dental crown can break or chip.  We get many dental crown problem questions about a porcelain crown chipping when eating something hard or for no reason at all.  The porcelain crowns having a thin porcelain layer which is fused to the metal layer of the crown.  Sometimes the porcelain layer can chip. This does not mean that you have to replace it, especially if it is way in the back area of the mouth.  You should speak with your local dentist who will take dental x-rays and see what are some of the options for your dental crown.

Generally, once a permanent cement is used and the crown is put on to the tooth, it usually will not come out. From time to time, some crowns may become loose and to come out for various reasons from chewing on food to playing sports.  In a worst-case scenario, the crowns can fall out, or sometimes the crown breaks off with a piece of your tooth in it. Even worse, some people have occasionally had the crown come out and accidentally end up swallowing the crown with food, etc.  Should visit your dentist as soon as can, to see what can be done to fix this issue? They will take dental imaging x-rays and provide some dental treatment options.

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Some of the causes of dental crowns falling off are decay, too much grinding or trauma.  Some people grind their teeth at night, which may possibly cause a crown to fracture, break off or become loose.  

If at all possible, if a crown does come out - try to keep the old crown that has fallen out and take it to your dentist. Sometimes, they may simply be able to clean it up and re-cement it.  Other times, the old crown fit may not be good and the underlying tooth may have to be re-prepped - hence, may need to do a new crown.

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One thing to keep in mind. Dental Crowns can be replaced in most cases - but not in all.  As well will discuss, if the underlying tooth structure that the dental crown goes on is not solid - then a new crown will not last most likely very long.

List of reasons why a dental crown may come out or why a dental crown may break?

- The underlying tooth has decayed.  If the tooth that the crown is attached to is decayed, eventually the crown may break off.  Generally, the tooth preparation should include removal of all caries or decay.  Occasionally, after several years, there may end up being some kind of caries or dental crown opening - that may cause the need for removal of the old crown and the fabrications of a new crown.

- Chewing on something very hard.  People with crowns should be careful about how they chew food.  If you do not take care of the tooth & crown that attaches to it - the crown may break.  That is, do not be opening up bottles with your crown or abusing the tooth by chewing very hard foods.  If you do so, then there is a possibility the crown may break.

- The dental crown is not actually in balance or the correct bite.  What does that mean?  The way the teeth come together.  People with a crown or crowns need to make sure their bite is good.  That is, the chewing should be feeling normal and not off.

- When flossing, some people state their dental crown came out.  Need to make sure, that are properly flossing.  Also, if the crown is old, then this might happen.

- Old dental crown.  Like all products, a dental crown after 10 years or so, may need to be replaced.

- Gum problems can cause loose teeth.  If the loose tooth has a crown on it, then the tooth sometimes breaks off with the crowns.

Bottom line, it is good to get a regular dental exam - A dental exam and prophy are recommended twice a year.  During this time, the dentist will check the teeth and all the restorations.  At this time, will see if a dental crown may be compromised and may need to be replaced before it falls out or breaks off.

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