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Dental Public Health

Maintaining good overall public health is done through local towns, cities, counties, state and national government agencies.  An important part of the general population health care is maintaining good dental care.  This includes how dental insurances manage their group, as well as dental public assistance to those that can not afford basic dental care.  DPH or Dental Public Health professionals are the people who study and help provide these guidelines. In this Dental Public Health Blog, we will be discussing how DPH professionals help structure dental public health policies and discuss more dental information about what they do. 

Dental Public Health professionals are the experts that help guide dental public policy, so more of the population can at least have some kind of basic dental care.  Many cities and states have for instance some sort of special dental care programs for children that fall under the low-income category.  As we know, dentistry can be expensive - especially for those that have a very low income.  Providing basic dental care is usually determined by dental public health experts.

Dental Public Health Blog, Dental Public Health Chat, Local Dental Blog

Online Dental Public Health Information - DPH Blogging:

Dental Public Health (DPH) is that part of dentistry providing leadership and expertise in helping make policy to provide better population-based dentistry.  That is, DPH provides oral health surveillance, dental care policy development, community-based dental disease prevention, child care dentistry suggestions for communities and dental health care promotion. Dental Health Public Health professionals provide information for the overall population dental care maintenance policy to state-run agencies and private companies such as dental insurance companies and state government dental care programs. We will discuss more various dental procedures that DPH professionals will recommend be or not be covered in various state dental insurance plans in this dental blog. In providing the dental safety net for communities, states, and national policies. DPH professionals provide dental private practice model of care delivery policies & provide policies to help assure optimal oral health for all Americans - individuals and populations.

Dental Public Health Blog: What dental services may or may not be covered under various state-run dental insurance plans discussion:

For lower-income people, they may qualify for a state-run dental insurance plan. DPH professionals help formulate many of these dental plans to help those that may be seniors, low-income or have various other reasons for not affording to visit a dentist.  Most times, these dental plans offer more basic dental care.  For instance, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants will not be probably covered.  Basic dental cleanings, having to extract an abscessed tooth and basic fillings are usually covered - through the payout or reimbursement to dentists may be somewhat low.  That is why quite a few dental practices do Not accept state dental insurance plans and are not part of this.

How does one become a Dental Public Health Professional?

Dental Public Health professionals have been an ADA recognized dental specialty since 1950. Dental Public Health (DPH) is unique among the dental specialties - in that it is not primarily a clinical specialty.  Rather it is a dental specialty whose dental practitioners focus on dental and oral health issues in communities and populations rather than individual patients.  To become a Dental Public Health Care professional, a graduating dentist  - must do extra training or dental education.  That is, after dental school - to become a DPH specialist, they will have to complete usually a one year or two years dental specialty program.

DPH has been defined in many ways, from the dental health science and the dental care art of preventing and controlling oral disease-promoting dental health through organized community efforts to a non-clinical specialty of dentistry involved in the assessment of dental health needs and improving the dental health of populations rather than individuals." While these definitions capture some of what DPH does, they fail to completely define the scope of what DPH professionals do and how they fit into the matrix that is today's dental profession.

Local DPH Information / Local Dental Public Health Info discussion

This module is intended to increase awareness of dental public health and how diverse oral health stakeholders contribute to the enhancement of the infrastructure that supports it at the federal, state and local levels. These stakeholders include local and state dental associations, academia, other health care professionals, foundations and advocacy organizations. 

Dental Public Health Blog, Dental Public Health Chat, Local DPH Blog and DPH Chatting Online:

We are discussing many dental subjects on Just  In this local dental blog, we did DPH Chatting Online and discussed why dental public health professionals provide valuable dental policy service to the cities, states, and the country. Local Dentists provide valuable dental care to people every day.  Dental Public Health professionals help make nationwide dental policy decisions by government agencies that help all people and communities nationwide. This can include how dental insurance companies reimburse dentists for dental care treatment provided.  This can also include for instance how a state-run dental insurance plan covers or does not cover various dental procedures.

Dental Public Health professionals blog:

Some dentists rather go into dental research or into DPH programs, who are more interested in the broader approach of doing dental research or helping provide dental care policies for small & large communities. Many large dental companies such as dental product manufacturers such as toothpaste, dental insurance companies or other dental companies, many times will hire or work with DPH professionals.  The reason is simple, DPH professionals have a good understanding of the dental needs of a large population.

 DPH professionals usually have the following competencies:

  • Manage oral health programs for the overall nationwide and state population health.
  • DPH helps evaluate systems of healthcare that impact oral health.
  • Provide ethical dental public health policies.
  • Communicate to government agencies oral care and public oral health issues.

Dental Specialties Chat:

Dental Specialties discussion - dental specialists provide valuable specific dental care services that provide patients valuable dental care. Each dental specialty provides special dental care - that requires extra focus and dental training by licensed dentists. 

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