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Tooth Abscess Problem Question, Wisdom Teeth Problems Chatting, Dental Care Help for tooth infection

For those that have been unfortunate enough to experience a tooth abscess, it is something that one will not forget anytime soon.  Some people can end up with severe mouth swelling and possibly have the infection spread inside the mouth, jaw and possibly - even into the brain if not treated.  We get asked many local tooth abscess questions online. A tooth abscess or tooth infection should not be taken lightly.  The tooth infection usually happens due to caries or if the tooth got broken down somehow.  The tooth caries or infection will usually go inside the pulp chamber or middle of the tooth, and then travel down the tooth root - if left untreated.  That is why do not want to leave a broken tooth or tooth decay untreated. A small cavity can be filled.  If not treated, it can become larger in size over time. Those that have a tooth abscess, need to get it treated by a dentist or doctor as soon as possible.  Many times dental treatment and antibiotics are used in conjunction, though each case or person is different.  Bottom line, a local tooth infection dental emergency involving a tooth abscess is serious and can lead to other health problems if not treated.

Tooth Abscess Problem Question, Wisdom Teeth Problems Chatting, Dental Care Help for tooth infection

In this local dentist blog, we will be discussing tooth infection and how to treat a tooth abscess.  We will stress the importance of having a tooth infection or tooth abscess treated by a professional licensed dentist as soon as possible.  For some, that has a large tooth infection and swelling in the mouth and can not find a local dentist in the middle of the night - they may end up needing to go to the nearest hospital.  Hence, before that happens - if you as a patient are noticing tooth infection happening, see your local dentist - so, can see what is going on and treat it before it gets worse. So, to recap:

- By leaving the tooth caries / the tooth cavity in the tooth & not treating it >> can lead to a larger cavity that can infect the pulp canal of the tooth.

- If have a tooth infection / tooth abscess, need to have it treated by a local dentist as soon as can.

- A tooth abscess can spread in the body.  A tooth abscess can balloon in size if not treated.  That is, can cause an large inflammation in the mouth, starting at the root tip under the gums.  This dental infection can be dangerous if it starts spreading in the mouth, jaw and beyond.  Many times your dentist will dentally treat it and prescribe some antibiotics.  Note, antibiotics by itself does not treat the infection.  The caries and dental infection will need to be treated by a professional dentist.

- What is causing the abscess inside your mouth?  Your local dentist will usually take various dental x-rays and use other imaging machine x-rays such as using an panoramic dental x-ray machine to see what is going on.

Tooth Abscess Problem Question, Wisdom Teeth Problems Chatting, Local Dental Care Help for Tooth Infection:

People have problems with their teeth all of the time. During a dental emergency, Local Dental Care Help can sometimes be hard to come by.  Specially, if this is late at night or on the weekend. Also, many people do not have a regular dentist for a variety of reasons.  Some people do not go to the dentist regularly due to lack of dental insurance coverage, not having financial capability or possibly fear of going to the dentist. Some of these people will pay no attention to a small infection or a little pain in their tooth.  They will wait until the tooth infection has become larger. When you’ve got a swollen face because of a severely abscessed tooth, they have little choice but to see a local dentist. Some people may think, well if I just get some antibiotics - that should treat the tooth infection.  As will discuss more in this online dentists blog, antibiotics will not treat the dental infection. The infection of the tooth and the cavity will need to be addressed by a licensed dentist - sooner or later. In this local tooth infection blog, we have discussed the importance of treating any visible tooth cavities as soon as can. 

One of the more common teeth or a tooth that have local dental problems are wisdom teeth or third molars. We will be discussing this later in this local emergency dental blog. Here is a Third Molar dental problem chat link for those that have a wisdom tooth question or want more wisdom tooth treatment information.

What Is a Tooth Abscess?

For those people that have experienced a Tooth Abscess or Teeth Abscess - it is something that usually one does not forget. An abscessed tooth can stem from an untreated cavity, a certain type of injury, or even old dental work that has gone wrong, and you’ll know that your tooth has abscessed when you experience pain in the area, seriously bad breath, and potentially, a fever. What happens when an abscess form is a certain part of the mouth develops an infection as a result of complications with a particular external stimulus. Wisdom teeth removal is the most common cause of such an infection. The infection leads to the generation of pus and bacteria inside of a tooth, which becomes pocket of foul-smelling germs. The only way to get rid of the abscess is by drainage, which can happen with a root canal. Typically, antibiotics are also prescribed to completely rid the body of the infection. When an abscess is particularly brutal, however, the tooth has to be pulled.

How Can You Prevent a Tooth Infection or Prevent Tooth Abscess from happening?

Tooth abscess or tooth infection can be possibly avoided with good oral hygiene, dental exam, dental prophy and dental x-rays.  Your dentist will most likely take some dental x-rays on an annual basis, specially in areas with large fillings or if they suspect there may be tooth decay happening.  Your local dentist can many times see a small cavity or small caries, and treat the tooth decay - before it becomes large and infects the pulp chamber area of the tooth. 

Maintain your oral hygiene and stay away from particularly acidic or detrimental foods. Keep your body protected from bacterial infections on the whole, because those have the ability to spread to other areas. An abscessed tooth can be a serious pain, but it is a preventable circumstance that you can avoid by taking the right precautions and adhering to the guidelines.  The most common form of Tooth Abscess requires a root canal to treat, which is the periapical abscess - this is best visible when taking a dental x-ray(s) of your teeth.  When viewing the dental x-ray, will see kind of like a darker circle mass around the root tip of the tooth on the dental x-ray. 

A wisdom tooth generally starts to erupt in your teen years. When erupting, a wisdom tooth can cause pain.  The wisdom tooth or 3rd molar(s) are harder to access and cause food to build up if not properly cleaned.  Hence, can get inflammation and pain in areas of the gum around the wisdom tooth / wisdom teeth.

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Tooth Abscess Question - Tooth Cavity Questions Online:

There are tens of million of people globally that end up with a tooth abscess. A common tooth abscess question is, can antibiotics help with my tooth abscess? Yes, but your tooth will need dental treatment. Tooth abscess is bacterial, hence some penicillin and amoxicillin antibiotics can help. Of course, some people are allergic to penicillin - so, they may need an alternative. Remember, always get antibiotics with a physician or dentist supervision. A tooth abscess will need local dentist treatment at your local dental office. We get many Local Tooth Abscess Problem Questions online, with some of these centering on Wisdom Teeth Problems. We are Local Wisdom Teeth Chatting Online and looking to do Local Dental Care Help Blog online.  A tooth abscess is an infection or pocket of pus around the tooth that can spread.  Let's discuss this further.

Tooth Abcess Chat / Tooth Infection Chatting online:

Tooth abscess or tooth infection can happen if a person fails to treat a tooth cavity soon enough. Before we discuss this further.  It is important that a tooth abscess is different than gum infection or gum inflammation.  Gum infection is due to gum disease - this can be due to lack of good oral hygiene and not getting regular dental prophy at your local dentist.  Tooth infection or tooth abscess - we are discussing the cavity inside of the tooth, that if untreated, can go and infect the pulp cavity area of the tooth.  The outer layer of teeth is called enamel.  The inside layer, which is softer - is called dentin.  Inside the middle of the tooth - there is a pulp chamber where the tooth nerve is.  Once the cavity goes into this portion of the tooth - then the tooth will need to have root canal treatment or the tooth will most likely be extracted.  Hence, if the tooth is infected with a large cavity - and it is left untreated, then will need to do root canal treatment or extract the tooth most likely.  Most dentists try to save teeth and rather not do an tooth extraction - and rather save the tooth with root canal treatment. 

Can tooth abscess or tooth infection spread through out the mouth and jaw?

The simple answer to this is yes.  A tooth abscess needs to be treated and drained.  As discussed earlier,  either by root canal, possibly an incision in the gum area or the extraction of the tooth.  Proper dental exam and dental x-rays will be needed to see the cause of the infection.  Tooth abscess question blog and root canal discussion online. A bad tooth abscess will need to be treated usually by either having root canal treatment or having the tooth extracted.  For those with an local tooth abscess question blog or have a local root canal question, here is a local root canal treatment information dental chat link.,  In this root canal treatment RCT Blog link, will better understand how root canal treatment is done by a dentist or endodontist.

Large Tooth Abscess Info Chat, and Discussing Online the Draining of the Pus from a Tooth Infection:

In some cases, the tooth infection / tooth abscess has become so large, that the dentist or doctor may need to drain the pus out from the abscessed area.  This is usually done by making an incision into the gum area and draining the pus out. After draining, the dentist or doctor will clean out the area and perhaps provide some antibiotics.  By extracting the tooth, it can allow some drainage as well to occur.

Teeth Abscess Blog and Local Tooth Abscess Blogging online with us.   In summary, we want to stress the importance of getting regular dental check-ups at your local dental office.  If do unfortunately end up with a tooth abscess, get it treated at your local dental office as soon as possible. In this local tooth abscess blog, we discussed what is a tooth abscess and how to treat a tooth abscess.  Which is, usually either with RCT or having the tooth extracted.  We did Online Third Molar Blog and Wisdom Teeth Problems Chatting Online about various wisdom tooth problems that can occur. We get asked many local tooth cavity questions online at Just Dental. We have dentists that can answer your local tooth abscess question or help find local dentists near you.

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