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Many people have local dental emergencies every day -  it is estimated in the US alone, over 2 million people go to the ER hospital for dental care needs,  Why, you may ask?  Because finding a local dentist office open in the middle of the night or on the weekend can be difficult. For the millions of people who do not have a regular dentist, and have a dental emergency in the middle of the night - finding a dentist to provide dental treatment can be challenging to say the least. 

We are at Just Dental answering local dental questions & Helping People Find Dental Solutions Online.  With newer online teledentistry service technology, now more than ever people can communicate with local dentists on demand virtually at any time. 

Dental Emergency Questions - Common dentist question get asked is, what to do if have a local dental emergency?

1. See a Dentist: Anytime have swelling or tooth abscess, want to see a dentist as soon as can. If can not find a dentist, then may end up needing to go to ER or doctor.  Most times the ER will provide antibiotics and tell the patient to see a dentist. 

2. Dental imaging x-rays: If have severe tooth pain or inflammation in your gums, your dentist will need to take some dental imaging x-rays.  Need dental x-rays to better diagnose what is going on? 

3. Dental antibiotics:  Antibiotics may help in controlling the infection, but is not a treatment for a hole in your tooth, etc. The underlying dental problem whether gum disease or tooth cavities needs to be addressed at your local dental office.

Finding Local Dentists - What to do to Find a DentistBest Dentists Directory Search:

1. Dental insurance coverage:  If have dental insurance, your dental insurance may have preferred dental offices. Can call and ask your dental provider for information on this. 

2. Don't have dental insurance:  Many dental offices welcome what are termed as cash patients.  You may want to check with the dental office if they have payment plan options, if need expensive dental treatment if this is something that you may need. 

3. Best to make dental appointment:  Most dental offices require dental appointments, though with dental emergencies / they may fit you right in. Hence, if have a dental emergency / ask the dental office if they accept dental emergencies. 

 Live Teledental Consult Dentists Chat

Dental Telemedicine or Teledentistry / Teledental Services are expanding rapidly across the US. Telemedicine usage of course is much higher among many physician categories currently, but teledentistry is definitely growing. Especially during the current COVID pandemic, where many people rather not go out into a dental office unless absolutely necessary - teledental consulting is becoming a good solution to answer virtual dental questions online.

Ask Dental Question, My Tooth Broke & I Need To Find A Local Dentist Near Me

Many people have a local dental emergency in the middle of the night. Finding a Dentist on the weekend or in the middle to the night, during a dental emergency can be challenging - especially, for those millions of people who do not have a regular dentist. Many people have small dental problems. Unfortunately, for various reasons - they do not go to a dental office or visit a local dentist for various reasons. Small dental problems that are untreated, may end up becoming much larger dental problems. 

The online space is rapidly growing with many needs being met with online information platforms. Many people are curious about the type of local dental question posts we get on Just Dental. The dental landscape is changing for local dentists. Just like in health care and for physician offices, local dental practices are having to adapt to the new landscape in the rapidly advancing technology era.  For people searching for new dentists, it can be challenging as well. Just Dental has been created to help both patients and dentists. 

My Tooth Hurts Questions, Emergency Dental Answer To Tooth Pain::

Some reasons people end up with tooth pain or a hurting tooth can be a tooth abscess, tooth sensitivity, nerve pulp exposure or wisdom tooth eruption pain / wisdom tooth inflammation. If a person has a small cavity, and the small cavity is not treated - then, it may go into the pulp canal of the tooth & may lead to a tooth abscess. We get asked many local tooth infection questions online, such as what do I need to do? Your should go to a dentist as soon as can. Sometimes, your dentist can provide dental antibiotics ahead of time. If there is tooth infection, many times antibiotics may be needed?  Another tooth infection question is, will antibiotics solve my tooth infection? As we mentioned, antibiotics will not solve a hole in the tooth or fix tooth caries.  That requires local dental treatment at your dentist office.

Preventive Dentistry Chat:

Maintaining good oral hygiene and getting your regular dental exam / dental prophy cleaning are great ways of having fewer dental emergencies.  During these periodic dental exams, your dentist can provide information of any dental problems that should be addressed - before they become a dental emergency. Common preventive dentistry question we get asked is, if I clean my teeth at home, can I skip going to the dentist for a dental cleaning?  No, because the dental prophy cleaning is done to remove plaque that is hard to reach & to check your teeth and gums.

Asking dentists questions > Ask a local emergency dental care question to local dentists:

We do provide local dental answers & virtual dental chat communication between people & dentists. Getting a FREE DENTIST CONSULT ONLINE DENTAL CHAT - CHATTING ONLINE with Dentists at Just Dental. We have been providing FREE Dental Consult during the COVID-19 pandemic to many people from all over.  Part of the mission of Just Dental is to help people with their dental care. 

Find Local Dentists, Dental Practice Directory, Become a Local Teledentist, and Tele Dental Office info.

Using smart technology is advancing relentlessly in health care. Best Teledentistry Service and Video Dental Care Consulting is becoming a great way of virtually connecting with local dentists. Local Emergency Dentist Free Consult during COVID-19 with us - DENTAL CHAT with Dentists. Our Just Dental smart technology allows people to communicate with local dental practices and local dentists.  Here is a link to POST YOUR LOCAL DENTIST QUESTION @ Just Dental. Get Local Dentist Answers Online at Just

We get asked by dentists many questions as well about Just Dental.  What is the type of dental questions we get asked by people on Just Dental? How do we find the best dentists?  Which dental office can best help me with my dental problem question?  What should people with local dental questions online do?  How can they find the best local dental practices and find the best dentists online? The solution is simple - it is right here on Just  Just Dental uses smart technology and great dentists to answer people's dental questions.  As we know, any dental answer or dental suggestion is subjective.  Many times, we will have several varying dental suggestions about the same dental problem.  Hence, we and our users understand that.  The key, of course, is providing at least some dental information to our users when they have these dentists questions.  Then, they at least have a better idea of what is going on with their dental problem or dental issue.

What is Just Dental and how can it help me find the best dental offices?  When searching online for local dentists or looking for a local dentist to handle your dental problem can be challenging. Finding local dentists through our Just Dental platform is simple and effective.  During COVID-19, ONLINE FREE DENTAL CONSULT & EMERGENCY DENTAL CHAT ONLINE with us at Just

Online dental communication and best dental marketing discussion online:

30, 40, or 50 years ago, most local dentists did their dental marketing through some sort of a flyer/mailer or through one of the various yellow page books.  The Yellow Pages was an actual yellow directory book that listed all the relevant businesses (many teenagers may have never seen one).  This was in a time when there were no cell phones and landlines were the only form of telecommunication for most people.  In a way, it was easier for local dentists and dental practices to focus on the yellow pages - and that would get them the visibility needed.  Now, the online dentist marketing landscape has changed dramatically.  There are online social media marketing, mailers, local search engines, SEO marketing, and various other online communication tools available for dentists and patients to connect.  All of this can be overwhelming.  Many local businesses including local dental offices have a challenging time navigating all of this.  For one, doing SEO and understanding how that works is confusing, even to some marketing professionals.  For local dentists, usually will need to hire an SEO professional or SEO company to help them navigate the SEO space.  This can be very costly and not so fruitful.  This is where we can help.  With Just Dental, we are helping local dental practices do their online dental marketing with us - in a seamless way.

Be a local teledentist office - Virtual tele dental office:

For dental practices, becoming a local teledentist or being one of the leading local teledentists in your area can be helping to both your patients and your practice.  You can virtually do online dental consults and know what the patient wants before they do come in for their dental treatment.

We also get the general question from many people, how was Just Dental created?  Just was founded by a dentist and tech professionals to help people with their dental needs.  We have been leading this field and innovating for over 10 years.  Like anything worthwhile to do, it is a journey that has been challenging and exciting.  We will continuously look to provide interesting new features to help both patients and dentists.  We do appreciate our reader's feedback and dental suggestions.  We are always looking for talented professionals in the dental space, technology arena, and ad media realm to help make us the best dental platform.  Great time to partner and market online with us.

Best Teledentistry and online dentist communication discussion:

Communicating with a dentist does not only have to be in the dental practice anymore.  Online teledentistry technology and online dentist communication tech tools are available now.  Here is a Local TeleDentistry Chat Online Blog article link at Just Dental.  Telemedicine is being used more and more by physicians.  In the dental space, it is called teledentistry or teledental care communication with dentists.

Summary:  Finding local dentists online search information, using best teledentistry service, local teledentist office consulting online, and best dentists directory listings online. Using virtual dentistry to get an online dentist consult. Online dentist communication was discussed in this local dental office chat blog.

We discussed How to Find the Best Local Dentists, Best Dental Office Directory Search Chat, and Best Dentist Marketing SEO Blog in this local dentist office chat article online.  Many people are using telemedicine and now more people are using virtual dental care or teledentistry now. As we discussed, being a local teledentist office can help both the patients and the dentists. We have many great dental articles and local dentist blogs for our users. As discussed earlier in this dental blog, we have many other interesting dental articles and local dentists' blogs to read.  We welcome partnering online with dental companies, web tech professionals, technology companies, and local dentists.