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If you have had severe tooth pain or a major dental problem in the middle of the night - and have ended up in the ER because of it, you are not alone. There are tens of millions of people globally who have a dental emergency or bad tooth pain that need immediate dental care. in the United States alone, there are millions of people that will need immediate dental care by a local emergency dentist or by a doctor (if they can not find an immediate dental practice to see them late at night).  That is some people who do not have a regular dentist or if their local dentist is out of town, and experience a local dental emergency in the middle of the night - may end up in the ER at their local hospital.  It is estimated couple million people per year in the United States go to the ER due to dental problems.  We will be discussing local emergency dentists care and dental emergency cases that may occur in this local dental emergency blog.  There are many local dental emergencies that happen every day, that poses patients with pain and anxiety.  As we will discuss, having a regular dental office exam and dental cleaning can help in finding potential dental problems that may be arising in your mouth.

Middle of the night tooth pain problem - Common emergency dentistry question is why do I get tooth pain in the middle of the night?  Many people who had very little discomfort during the day, suddenly wake up in the middle of the night with their teeth throbbing of pain.  We get asked many local toothache questions in the evening time.  The reason why people end up having more tooth pain after lying down or sleeping, is that the more blood rushes towards the jaw and head - as compared to standing or sitting.  Sometimes the pain can be from having not been brushing the teeth and flossing, which may have caused some gum inflammation due to food stuck between the teeth.  Other times, it is due to some kind of underlying problem such as tooth cavities, wisdom teeth problems, etc. Many times some of these people know that they have some dental problems that needs dental treatment. They may say, I have had a hole in my tooth or broken tooth for the last month or so - and have had not gone in to get it checked out at the local dental office.  Many times, your dentist will start with a simple dental exam and dental x-rays.


Local dentist emergency info, local emergency dentists directory listing online, local dental emergencies help blog

- Seeing a local dentist as soon as can >> If have a bad tooth infection or tooth abscess, will need to treat it sooner or later.  The sooner one can get it treated at a local dental office, the better.  Can use this Local Emergency Dentist Link @ Just Dental to POST YOUR LOCAL DENTISTS QUESTIONS ONLINE TO FIND A DENTIST NOW.

We will also be sharing with people in this local emergency dentist blog that they can post their local dental question on Just Dental and get answers back by local dental professionals.  We will also discuss that the local hospital ER can not fix your dental crown or provide root canal treatment, etc.  Most ER hospitals do not have dentists on staff.  We will be discussing when it is a good idea to go to the ER in case of a dental emergency if can not find a local dentist and when it is Not a good idea to go the ER because of a dental problem in this local dental emergencies blog

-  Cases or circumstances which require immediate dental care or going to an ER hospital:

If your face becomes swollen up in the middle of the night and can not find an open local dental office, they may need to go to the ER.  At the hospital ER, they may drain the abscess and provide antibiotics - which can temporarily help with the tooth abscess.  After this procedure, it is important to go to a local dentist office as soon as can.

Tooth abscess question blog: Can a Tooth Abscess in the top jaw go into the sinus?

This is perhaps one of the more dangerous things that can and does happen to people who do not treat a large cavity in their top jaw (maxilla). The top teeth, especially the top premolars and molar teeth are fairly close to the sinus area around the nose and eyes.  These are teeth numbers 1,2,3,4,5,12,13,14, 15, 16 (the top 2 maxillary third molars or wisdom teeth is included in this - teeth numbers 1 and 16).  These top teeth, even the top maxillary incisors - if the tooth caries is left untreated - can for a periapical abscess on one or more of the teeth.  Those people who unfortunately experience sinus problems because of a tooth abscess will notice a runny nose, or have issues with their eyes. They will most likely have large swelling in the top maxillary jaw.  This needs immediate dental care or medical attention.  Dental treatment may include draining the pus with an incision inside the maxillary jaw, having root canal treatment, antibiotics and/or possibly having the abscessed tooth extracted.  Your dentist will take various dental x-rays or pan x-rays to see what is going on and do a thorough dental exam first. 

Immediate Dental Care Chat - Immediate Dental Care Information about lower mandibular tooth abscess:

Local dentists reviews online chatting:

We have many people wanting to see their local dentists reviews online or to share their local dental practice reviews online.  We at Just Dental are looking to provide best local dental reviews and local dentist feedback by their patients who see them.  

-  When to go to the ER and when should see the local dentist: Understanding the limitations of the ER hospital.

Understanding what requires immediate dentist care and Immediate Dental Care Information is important.  In some cases, the ER can not do much for a patient.  For example, if you chip your tooth and go to the ER hospital in the middle of the night - maybe they may provide some pain medications or antibiotics if they see some sort of infection. Other than that, they can not do much as far as providing dental care and doing a composite filling, etc. That is, ER hospitals in most cases do Not have dental operatories and do not have local dentists on staff.  There may be some oral surgeons that can perhaps provide dental extraction services - though, most local ER hospitals will probably not have teeth extraction services say for wisdom teeth, etc.  Hence, as a patient should know and understand the type of dental services a local ER can and can not provide.  If your dental crown falls out, going to the local ER hospital probably is not a good idea.  Usually, only local dental offices can do the dental exam, check out the crown and your mouth - perhaps take some dental x-rays and figure out if the dental crown can be re-cemented back into place on your tooth or if the dental crown can not be used.  Instead, a new dental crown may be required.  In these type of cases, going to the ER is not a good idea.  If have swelling in the mouth and the sinus area in the middle of the night, that is something that should be seen by a doctor or dentist as soon as can.   So in summary, if break your denture and need it repaired, going to the ER Hospital will do no good.

- Why it is important to have a regular dentist?

Have a regular dentist can help a lot.  Even when your local dentist is on a trip or their dental office is closed, many times they have a local dentist friend or colleague to be on call in case of emergency.  That is, if they are not going to be around for several days, they have another local dental practice see their patients in case of a local dental emergency.  They may not be open at say 2 am or see the patient then - but, they will try to accommodate their dental patients as much as possible.  Your local dentist can keep notes and have a good idea of what is going on with your dental care. 

- Online Emergency Teledentistry Consultation and Local Virtual Teledental Video Messaging Consult:  

Many people do not realize that dental telemedicine or teledental consulting care is available.  This is remote and video dentistry consulting online using local teledentistry technology.   Many people have experienced virtual physician telemedicine consulting for the last couple years.  Now, people are realizing that they can be Local Teledentist Consulting Online from the comfort of their own home. This can be for asking a dental question or maybe getting some kind of antibiotics.

-  Using dental chat for dental emergencies, local dental emergency questions asking a local dentist:

We are at Just Dental providing dental answers to local dentists questions and can help find a local dentist now for those that are looking to visit a local dentist. Just Dental has been an innovator and leader in the dental space for many years.  If have a local dentist emergency question can dental post here. Many people can go to a local dental office and get a dental consult or local dental exam to see what is going on. We are continuously looking to improve.  We are looking at listing the best local emergency dentists and best dental offices - with us @ Just Dental.

In this local dental emergency blog, we discussed various dental emergency cases that people may experience, Local dentist emergency info blogging, local emergency dentists directory listing online, local dental emergencies help blog, immediate dental care chat and online dental emergency chatting with us.