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Getting a Tooth Extracted? Tooth Extraction After Care Question, Post Op Tooth Pain Questions

  • As we will discuss, many people have one or more adult teeth extracted during their lifetime.  This may be a wisdom tooth (third molar), or a tooth that is broken down & decayed greatly (can not save). Once your dentist or oral surgeon extracts your tooth, it is important to follow post-extraction guidelines, so as to not have post-op complications.  Common teeth extraction question includes whether can smoke after getting a tooth extracted? Most dentists would state to not be smoking right after tooth extraction and allowing a blood clot to form. 

  • If extracting a functional tooth, post-op instructions are important to follow. Some people will get a dental bone graft done at the time of tooth extraction. 

Getting a Tooth Extracted? Tooth Extraction After Care Question:

If you’re wondering what to expect after tooth extraction, you’ve landed in the right place. It might not be at the top of your list, but sometimes the best solution to a dental problem involves removing your tooth. And many young people find themselves facing the removal of wisdom teeth. We have a lot of interesting dental blogs at Just Dental. More dental information about wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth blogging online teeth with us at Just Dental. Regardless of the situation, knowing what to expect helps reduce your anxiety about what’s normal and when to be concerned.

Tooth Extraction Question, Local Teeth Questions Online

Had a Tooth Extracted? You Just Had Minor Dental Surgery:

Removing a tooth involves creating a small, intentional wound in your mouth. A tooth is set in the gum and bone, and we only see about half of the tooth structure above the gum. The rest of it the tooth is anchored in the mouth or jaw with thousands of tiny fibers that attach it to the dental socket.

After the tooth, bone, and gum are numbed with a local anesthetic, your dentist applies steady pressure around the tooth to carefully detach it from the small attachment fibers. Pressure also slightly expands the bone and allows the tooth to loosen. In most cases, the tooth ends up out within a few minutes of precise, focused movements.  Of course, sometimes teeth or a tooth can break when your dentist attempts to extract. At which point, your dentist may need a dental drill and do a larger incision, to extract the root tip.

Root Tip Extraction Question Chat, Broken Tooth Surgical Extraction Questions:   

Sometimes a partial tooth or root tip extraction is required. Your dentist or oral surgeon will try to extract using special forceps or extraction tools. In some cases, surgical tooth extraction is required by cutting the gums and exposing the root tip of the tooth - in order to remove the root tip.  We get asked local root tip extraction questions as to why their dentist broke a tooth and left the root tip in the mouth at another time.  The dentist states that Sometimes, a root tip breaks off, and the dentist will leave it alone - and then go back in after a month or so - to remove the root tip. 

In some cases, a tooth doesn’t move the way the dentist anticipates due to large tooth caries, a curved root, or difficult access.  Sometimes the bone is extremely dense, or the tooth is difficult to hold because of deep cavities or fragile pieces. If your dentist encounters a tooth that is broken down and can not come out in one piece, then your local dentist or oral surgeon may use a flap technique.  Basically, your dentist will need to open your gums to gain access to tooth fragments or tooth roots.  Then, the remaining pieces of the tooth are extracted. Afterward, a few stitches are placed to close the gum area.  Usually, then your dentist will ask you to bite down on some kind of gauze and keep your mouth closed, to allow a blood clot to form. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Information, Teledental Impacted Third Molar Extraction Question Discussion: 

Many people have one or more wisdom tooth extraction in their lifetime. A wisdom tooth is a common term used for third molars. If the wisdom tooth or third molar, is under the gum, then it is termed as an impacted wisdom tooth. Third molars may be partially impacted or fully impacted wisdom teeth. Fully impacted wisdom teeth may require surgical extraction procedures. Want to read more wisdom tooth information toothache blog, click here.

Things to keep in mind after having a tooth extractionAt this point, you really want to know what to expect after your tooth extraction. Let’s look at a few things to keep in mind that make a big difference:

  1.  Time to heal and rest:  One thing that is important, is the first 1 to 2 days - allow the blood clot to form.  If do not allow the blood clot to form, may get a dry socket or continuous bleeding. Most of your healing will usually take place over the first 7 to 10 days,  after extraction. Though the area will continue to change for the next couple of months. Sometimes, small fragments of loose bone move up to the surface and come out through the gum. But during the first 24 hours, it’s important to avoid or at least limit any form of exercise or heavy weight lifting of objects.  Basically, should try to let the area heal.  A blood clot is forming in the tooth extraction socket.  Good idea to get enough rest and not run around after tooth extraction.  Let the area heal.
  2. Eat softer foods: During the first 24 hours after a tooth extraction, choose soft foods and avoid hot beverages. Hard foods may irritate the new wound, and hot beverages can soften the young clot. Once you get past the first couple of days, you can start to enjoy the foods you're used to, but choose nutritious foods to help the healing process..
  3. Remember to contact your dentist:  If you have a lot of pain, or swelling that appears days after your extraction - be sure to contact your oral surgeon or dentist. If have swelling or fever or anything you think is abnormal, just let your dentist know.

Proper dental treatment plan - Thinking ahead of what would like to do after the tooth extraction.

Most dentists and good dental practices will offer a dental treatment plan after tooth extraction. A common local teeth extraction question online, is what will I do after taking out my teeth? Once you’ve started to heal, take a look at the longer-term situation in your mouth. Over time, the jawbone may begin to shrink and thin out in areas where you’re missing teeth. You may also find that neighboring teeth tip into spaces where teeth should be. Opposing teeth move down or up into areas where they normally find a partner to chew against. While this process doesn't happen overnight, you may end up with an unstable bite, difficulty chewing, and jaw pain issues after a few years.

Tooth extraction with dental bone grafting treatment question:

Many people wonder why or ask local dental bone grafting question online - as to why they are getting a dental bone graft procedure done? In order to preserve more dental bone and have a better area to place a dental implant in the future, your dentist or oral surgeon may recommend getting dental bone grafting material placed into the tooth extraction socket.  Getting dental bone grafting material placed into the extraction socket usually reduces the chances of getting an unwanted dry socket problem - which is a good thing. Want to get more dental bone grafting information - click this dental bone grafting blog here. If have other dental bone grafting questions, can simply post your dental bone graft question online with us.

Providing Teledentistry Tooth Extraction Consult - Online Teeth Teledental Consulting:

With us at Just Dental, you can ask us local dental care questions. We provide Free Tooth Extraction Answers and Ask Tooth Extraction Post-op Toothache Questions Online with us.  We get asked local tooth extraction questions online at Just   We have many Live Teledentistry Tooth Extraction Consulting Online Dental Services as well - to help people using the latest in live virtual dentistry consulting online services to help people with their tooth problem question. We are offering free tooth extraction answers and ask tooth extraction post-op toothache questions online with us.

Talk with your dentist about ideas for replacing your missing teeth or stabilizing your remaining teeth. Dental implants offer a strong foundation and support strong restorations that feel like natural teeth. A small dental bridge reaching from one tooth to another may be a choice for you, too. On the other hand, a removable appliance may be an economical solution for replacing several missing teeth.

Moving On After Tooth Extraction - Tooth Extraction Blogging:

Many people have local tooth extraction questions to ask. As discussed, it is important to follow post-op tooth extraction instructions such as not smoking and allowing a blood clot to form in the extraction socket. We do online tooth extraction blogging at Just Dental. If you don’t have a dentist or you’re grappling with more questions about what to expect after tooth extraction, you’re in the right place. Ask a Local Dentist Question or Find an Emergency Dentist Near You at Just Dental. provides the best platform to connect with licensed U.S.-based dentists. You can ask tooth questions online and even connect with a local nearby dental office that can help you with your needs. Feel free to jump on and see how we can help now or in the future! 

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Many people have a tooth extracted sometime in their lifetime. This may be a baby tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, or some other kind of tooth extraction.  Your dentist or oral surgeon may use simple tooth extraction or use surgical tooth extraction techniques.