Oral hygiene blog, dental exam and dental prophy blogging

Oral hygiene blog, dental exam and dental prophy blogging

Having good and healthy teeth is important for most people. We know that prevention is a great way of staying healthy. This includes your teeth and oral care. Once a person has serious dental problems and periodontal gum disease, it can possibly cost quite a bit to get those problems treated at your local dental office. Let’s discuss ways of maintaining good oral care and proper oral hygiene. 


Most people like to have healthy teeth and to maintain good oral care. After all, if our mouth has a bad odor or our teeth have lots of plaque buildup on them,  it is not what most people would want & can be unhealthy.  Having proper dental care is important for our overall health. We will be discussing oral hygiene in this local dentist blog. We welcome local dentists and dental experts to share their knowledge online with us at Just Dental. 

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Oral Hygiene Blog - how to maintain good oral care and reduce gum disease

Most of us know or understand the importance of ToothBrushing and Flossing on a daily basis for good oral care. Good dental care starts at home and having proper daily oral hygiene habits. It is best to start at an early age. For those parents with children, it is important to teach the importance of good dental care at a young age.  This starts with toothbrushing and going to the dentist on a regular basis. Prevention is one of the key points in health care - that includes dental care.  Most adults toothbrush, floss and perhaps use some kind of oral rinse - on a daily basis.  Those that do not maintain good oral care, may end up with periodontal problems.  For many elderly people, periodontal problems are one of the main causes of teeth becoming looser and possibly having to extract teeth.  Hence, having good dental home care is one of the best ways of trying to maintain healthy teeth.

Tooth Brushing and Flossing on a daily basis

Tooth Brushing is one of the most important daily habits. It is important to brush at least in the morning and before going to sleep. Best to slightly angle your toothbrush and go in a form of gentle circular motions. Generally, a toothbrush can have a lot of wear and tear. That is why it is a good idea to periodically change and replace your toothbrush. This can be every month or 2, depending on the condition of your toothbrush.

Flossing Blog - How to Floss your teeth

For many people nowadays, flossing and toothbrushing go hand in hand. It is recommended to floss at least once a day. Most people usually floss before going to bed. Generally, you want to floss between your teeth in a gentle back and forth motion. Do not want to be too aggressive and go hard into the gums. If by gentle flossing, your gums start bleeding in many areas of the mouth - you may have gum disease or it is possibly maybe some form of medication taking. If your gums do bleed easily, a routine dental oral exam by your dentist - should provide some answers to the best treatment plan needed. Many people do like to rinse their mouth well and to brush their teeth after flossing, to remove any debris that may be left in the mouth.

Cleaning Your Tongue Blog:

Most people gently toothbrush their tongue, while others that may have more bacterial build-up - may need to use a tongue scraper. Using a tongue scraper to clean your tongue is used by many people, especially those that may have higher levels of yeast in their system. Some people have an overgrowth of bacteria on their mouth called thrush (oral candidiasis). Those with this type of thrush or oral candidiasis may need to use a special diluted oral hydrogen peroxide rinse (when go to the dentist, they can provide prescription), soft toothbrushing and perhaps a tongue scraper.  Please keep in mind, your dentist and dental hygienist can greatly help with any oral care problem. As a patient, good idea to ask for advice and make sure they know any kind of dental issues that may be having.

Oral Rinse Blogging and MouthWash Blog:

Using mouthwash or some sort of home rinsing solution to rinse the mouth is a good idea. Some homemade solutions include people using warm water and salt, or vinegar and water. Warm water and salt rinse can help clear the mouth of some bacteria.

Local Dental Exam Blog, Dental Prophy Blogging and Dental X-rays Discussion

The importance of Dental Prophy, Dental Exam, and Dental X-rays on a regular basis for good oral care is undeniable. Most dental insurances pay for a dental exam and prophy once every 6 months or twice a year. By going to your local dentist regularly for a dental exam and dental cleaning (prophy) can help in many ways. For one, your dentist and dental hygienist can properly evaluate and provide insights as to what is going on in the mouth. For instance, with dental x-rays - dentists can see small caries that need to be cleaned out and filled .... Before they become larger caries that can go into the tooth pulp canal and may require root canal treatment. Your dentist and hygienist can provide a dental prophy cleaning, to remove calculus and plaque accumulation around your teeth. If plaque builds up many months and years, it can lead to gingivitis or periodontitis (more severe dental gum problem).

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