Local Dental Tele Medicine Blog, Best Free TeleDentistry Chat

Local Dental Tele Medicine Blog, Best Free TeleDentistry Chat

Teledental care or Teledentistry care is basically virtual dentistry via a computer or your mobile phone (iphone) usually. COVID-19 has rapidly increased the usage of telemedicine among patients and physicians. The online health care communication industry is rapidly growing. People use various terms to discuss this online health care industry. Some call it Tele-medicine,TeleMedicine, TeleHealthCare, TeleDoctor and TeleMed. For the Dental industry, it is called Tele dental medicine, TeleDentalCare, Live TeleDentist, Dental TeleMedicine, Local TeleDentists, Local TeleDentistry, or Online Tele-Dentistry. The telemedicine industry is progressing and being used by more people than ever in the last couple of years. Telemedicine has been around in some form, for almost 40 years. With the early version using telephone technology. In the last 5 years or so, telemedicine has grown exponentially. Interesting enough, now some states in the US have expanded telemedicine insurance coverage. That is, they are reimbursing companies that are providing telemedicine services to patients. We will be discussing this further in this dental article. We will be discussing Free TeleDentistry, Online TeleDentists Chatting​ and​ Local TeleDentist Chat in this ​Online Dentist Blog. TeleHealth Medicine is here and it will only grow. TeleDentistry is growing rapidly as well. We at Just Dental are one of the pioneers in this space. Just Dental.com was registered in 2000 and we have been working at it for approximately a dozen years. Our goal is to provide ​ Free TeleDentistry ​ to people is at all possible. ​ Tele Just Dental Online ​with us. In health care, doctors are being reimbursed for telehealth services. In the dental industry, that is not the current case. Hence, we want to​ provide Free TeleDental Consultations ​ . - Tele-Medicine and how it is growing: TeleMedicine is not just the communication between the doctor and the patient. Consider Electronic Health Records (EHR) and how telemedicine is connecting the 2 together. Also, how doctors can communicate with data, patients, and x-ray imaging in real-time - all the while using Tele-Medicine technology while communicating with people. 

Common Teledental Question - What is Local Teledentist ConsultingDiscussing the Best Virtual Dental Care Communication

To put it simply, telemedicine is the remote access to health care for patients, using digital and electronic technology.   This is ideal for people that do not want to or really do not need, to do some sort of live video consulting online with their physician or dentist, as is the case for teledentistry.  This can be done remotely.  Now, obviously can not do the dental treatment of placing a dental implant into the mouth using teledental technology, but can do the initial consult. Local teledentist consulting is usually done between a dentist and the patient virtually. Like telemedicine, live virtual teledentistry can help greatly with answering basic dental questions. Also, some dentists are using teledentistry to provide antibiotics and to view post op cases of theirs - such as a tooth extraction or dental implant placement. Of course, this does not replace in office dental treatment. Many times people just have a question about a simple dental problem - such as how do my teeth look?  In some of these cases, local teledental consulting online can be a good way of answering these local teledental questions

Teledentistry Advantage:

There are advantages for both dental practice and patients using teledental services. For one, the dental practice does not have to set up a chair / less in office clean up costs. For patients, they do not have to drive to the dental office just to get a dental answer for a basic dental question.  This can be, something like I want to check out my front teeth cosmetically or I have a dental question about costs etc. 

Add Teledentistry, Become a Teledentist & Add Just DentalBot to your office website:

Is your dental practice offering Local Video Dental Care or Local Teledental Care?


Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for dentists and dental practices to use Smart TeleDental Services and to Add Just Dental Bot to their dental website.  Local Dentists that understand how to use this technology, are able to save themself time and money - in many ways.  People rather not go into crowded dental offices, especially with the new CDC guidelines.

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Local Dentists can Live TeleDental Consult with New Dental Patients using Just Dental.com. Local Dentists & Dental Offices can use the Best Dentist ChatBot Online with us.

- Association of TeleMedicine Chat:

There are actual associations that discuss and meet to promote telemedicine. One of these groups is called the American Telemedicine Association. They have been around since 1993 and are a non-profit association. Part of their mission is advancing TeleHealth and they are based currently in Washington, D.C. Currently, there is no particular dental telemedicine association - but we at Just Dental are looking into this & welcome partnering with health care associations in telemedicine.

- Is Tele Medicine & Tele Dentistry Growing?

The simple answer is yes, both telemedicine and teledentistry are growing. Many states in the US now have increased coverage and reimbursements for telemedicine services providers by providers. These states include Delaware, Iowa, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, and Washington. Each state is different with differing criteria and requirements. The trend is clear, that more states are seeing the ​ value of TeleHealth Services ​ & how this can help the overall state population to get more access to health care services. The telemedicine industry will continuously grow in the coming years and decades.  There is little doubt in that, as technology is continuously growing and expanding. Local Emergency Dentists using TeleDentistry Dental Video Consulting to communicate with their dental patients. Better yet, best local dentists can ADD Just DentalBot to your website.


One update to this local teledentistry blog is that now dental insurance companies and many local state governments are enhancing local telemed and teledental communication access to their constituents. Covid 19 has changed many aspects of telehealth laws and how insurance companies see them as an integral part of keeping people healthy in the US.

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In the dental space, there currently is no dental insurance reimbursement policy by dental insurance companies - though, this may be changing soon. People can ask their dental insurance companies, to see if they will cover potential charges of some companies in this space. Currently, some dental insurance companies have added limited TeleDentistry Insurance Coverage.

Free TeleDentistry Blog

TeleDentistry is coming to the market in various forms. The online communication between the person and the dentist - is the key to providing dental care information to people. That is the ​TeleDentist communication ​with the potential patient. Like all newer technologies, this tele-med space is rapidly evolving. As teledentistry consulting online grows and teledental technology improves, we will have more dental practices using this smart telemed tool to improve the way they communicate with their dental patients.  There is a learning curve on how a Local TeleDentistry Practice adopts this technology into their practice management software.  Some dental offices or groups of practices may want to have Local TeleDentists handle most of the online dentistry virtual consults. The advantages of local dental practices to provide Video Dentistry or Add TeleDentistry Office availability for their local dental patients is immense. 

TeleDentist Chat about TeleDentistry:

It will not be 15 years from now that we see much more Teledentist technology coming to dental practices.  In the next several years, we at Just Dental expect that many more dentists and health care providers will be using this tele-medicine technology to better help their patients.  Of course, there will be some challenges along the way.  How can teledentistry be used in an optimal way, to help people with their dental care?  We are always looking to innovate at Just Dental.

Live Just DentalBot Answering Dental Patients:

Many businesses in various categories have chatbots on their website. In health care, this is newer. There are different types of dental chatbot technologies local dental practices can use. We @ Just Dental prefer our own smart AI Dentistry ChatBot that does couple of things. One it allows your dental practice to know what the user is looking for. The other is that it provides a real-time connection via our dental chat app - all the dental office and patients need to do, is to be logged in.

Best time to ADD TELEDENTISTRY & ADD DENTIST CHAT BOT to your dental practice. Why do dentists want to add Local Dentist ChatBot to their website?  Because then it is like having a Virtual Dental Assistant working for you and your practice. Local Just DentalBots can add to your dentist website here.

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We welcome networking with local doctors, online web tech companies and digital media businesses. Local emergency dentists and dental professionals can partner online with us, so as to help people with their dental care.  Local Dentist Chat online & Local Dentists Chatting online with us. We are @ Just Dental looking to make the world a more smiley place.