Immediate Dental Implant Placement After Extracting a Tooth

Immediate Dental Implant Placement After Extracting a Tooth

We will discuss, there are some people that may need to extract one or more of their functioning teeth at some point in their life. Many of these people, now are considering getting a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants are a great way of replacing a missing tooth if done right. For some people, they may be able to get a dental implant placement right after extracting a tooth.  For others, they may need to first extract a tooth - wait 4 months or so, and then get dental implant placement. 

It is estimated that there are several million people that have some form of serious dental care accident while doing sporting activities or dental emergency, resulting in over 5 million people losing one or more of their teeth. We will be discussing immediate dental implants and all on 4 dental implants denture information in this local dental implants article. We will also discuss some local dental emergencies that may cause a tooth to fracture and need to be extracted. We will discuss the importance of mouthguards while playing contact sports, what to do if have to have a fractured tooth extracted and immediate dental implant(s) placement. 

In some cases, people will be told they can not get an immediate dental implant. We will discuss this as well.  As we will discuss, understanding what is going on in the mouth - and proper dental implant treatment planning is very important. 

Immediate Dental Implant Placement is becoming more prevalent, with better dental implant technology.  Dental implants have only been commonly used for less than 40 years. Before that, people would use dentures or some kind of dental bridge. Most times, dental implants are placed into the mouth, then the patient will wait a couple of months or more, and then get a dental implant crown or another type of dental appliance.

Immediate Dental Implants require proper dental treatment planning - your dentist will need to check your overall gums and check to see if there is dental infection in the area.  In some cases, your dentist will state the gums in the area are not in good shape and you first need to extract the tooth.  Then maybe do a dental bone graft.  After this, maybe wait for 4 months or longer - and then place a dental implant.

We will discuss immediate dental implants, which is the placement of a dental implant at the same time as the tooth extraction in this local dental implants blog. We will also discuss how dental implants are sometimes used with a denture(s). This is sometimes called all on 4 dental implants or all on 6 dental implants with dentures. 

Immediate dental implants question - Why should I do this? 

We do get asked the benefits of getting the dental implant placement right after tooth extraction?  Why do this?  The big benefit is that - you as a patient do not have to wait for 4 months or so to get a dental implant. Most people do want a tooth to chew on and not have a gap in their mouth.  Of course, getting a dental implant placement - does not mean will get a dental implant crown.

Dental Implant Crown Placement Question Answers

One thing to keep in mind - the dental implant abutment or screw placed into the mouth and the dental implant crown are 2 separate things.  Many times will get dental implant placement, and then have to wait a couple of months or longer - come back and get a dental impression to have a dental implant crown placement. That is something will need to discuss with your dentist in the overall dental treatment plan.

Extracting a Tooth & Getting An Immediate Dental Implant Placement: 

Many people that are getting a tooth extraction, will have the tooth extraction done - and then 4 months or later, get a dental implant placement. Dental implants can be placed sometimes, right after tooth extraction. This is called an immediate dental implant placement treatment.  Proper dental treatment planning needs to be done, as well as good dental imaging x-rays of the area. Your dentist, periodontist, or oral surgeon - will check to see if there is a tooth infection or not?  We will discuss this further in this local dental implant blog.

Local Dental Implant Denture Question Answers - Dental Implants and Dentures & All on 4 Dental Implants Chat

One area of growth in dentistry is the usage of dental implants with dentures.  These are called on ALL ON 4 DENTAL IMPLANTS  or ALL ON 6 DENTAL IMPLANTS. That is, 4 dental implants or 6 dental implants are placed in a mandibular lower arch or maxillary upper arch, and then the denture goes into the mouth. We get asked many dentures all on 4 dental implants questions online - as it is somewhat confusing on how this works. Why the dental implants with the denture?  Because the denture can attach to the dental implants. A common denture dental implant question is, can the denture be removed out of the mouth, or is it permanently attached to the dental implants?  Dentures are removable dental appliances. The denture attaches to the dental implants - and can be removed from the mouth and be cleaned.  That is, permanent cement is not used - like a dental implant crown and dental implant abutment. If getting all on 4 dental implants with dentures or all on 6 dental implants with dentures - then the cost is usually much more than just getting a denture or dentures without dental implants.  So, we get asked a denture dental implant question - why should I get dental implants with a denture?  The reason is, that having dental implants allows the denture to attach to something in the mouth - which allows you usually, to chew much better. That is, usually dental implants and denture combination - if done correctly, should provide better chewing for the patient.


Immediate Dental Implant Placement After Extracting a Tooth

Tooth Fracture Blog, Breaking a Tooth Chatting Online:

There are many reasons why a tooth or teeth can fracture or break. For young adults, many times it can be due to a physical accident or playing sports. Using a dental mouth guard can help in reducing dental damage while playing sports. We will be discussing mouth guards more in this article. Another major reason why teeth break or fracture interesting enough is due to having very large fillings in the mouth. Large fillings are more susceptible to breaking or fracturing, especially when eating or chewing on something hard. Many times, a tooth that chips or breaks- can be saved with some sort of composite filling or dental crown. Unfortunately, sometimes the tooth is fractured extensively and below the gum line - and the tooth will need to be extracted or removed. Can these people that are taking out a tooth, have an immediate dental implant placed right after the extraction? We get many Tooth Extraction Questions or Extracting a Tooth Question at Just Dental. Let’s discuss this and dental implants more. 

Asking a Dental Implant Question about Dentist Implants and Teledentistry Dental Implant Consultation Online - Ask us at Just Dental:

People can now do Virtual Dental Implant Teledentist Question Consultation Online.  Just like telemedicine, virtual dental implants teledentistry consulting - is something more and more dental practices are doing now. Dental implant treatment is an important part of dentistry. For those seeking dental implants, many times your dental insurance plan will not cover dental implants. It is a good idea to get a lot of dental information about dental implants, prior to treatment.  Getting a virtual teledental dental implants consultation, may be a good way of getting some dental implant information online.

What is a Dental Implant? One of the most common dental questions we get asked is what is a dental implant, will having it placed into my mouth hurt and how long will the dental implant last? 

Dental Implants have been around for 50 years plus, though have become much more commonly used by dentists since the 1980s. In the last decade, dental implants have become the treatment option of choice for replacing a single missing tooth or several teeth. One of the drawbacks of dental implants is that most dental insurance companies still do not pay or cover the payment of dental implants. Hence, people receiving or having dental implants placed into the mouth - have to pay out of pocket. This can end up costing several thousand dollars or more, depending on the dental grafting procedure that may or may not be needed and the number of dental implants being placed into the mouth. 

Unfortunately, some people have a sudden tooth accident in which a tooth has cracked or broken or chipped very badly? These people need immediate Emergency Dental Care and have Emergency Dental Questions to Ask Local Emergency Dentists

Local Emergency Dentist Implant Questions Asked about Dental Implant Placement & What to do if having a Tooth Pulled Out? 

Having a good Dental Treatment Plan with thorough Dental X-rays such as 3-D Pan X-rays is very helpful. We will discuss this a couple of times. Your dentist will first need to evaluate your mouth, take dental x-rays and give you a thorough dental treatment plan - to discuss what it entails in getting an immediate dental implant placed right after a tooth is extracted. Some of the things discussed will be the number of dental visits needed, the cost involved in getting a dental implant, what else other than the dental implant(s) may be needed such as dental bone graft, dental implant crown, and post-op dental care needed. 

Dental Implants have become much more common in dental treatment for many that have lost or have extracted one or more teeth. 

Local Emergency Dentist Question Asked about Dental Implant Placement is, can an Immediate Dental Implant be placed into the mouth right after having a tooth extracted. The answer is yes, but with some conditions. First, the mouth has to be examined and proper dental x-rays needed of the mouth. If there is a large amount of bone loss or periodontal disease, having an immediate dental implant placed into the mouth after tooth extraction may not be a good option. Understanding the total dental implant process is key. For one, a dental implant is a screw-like object placed into the mouth. A dental crown will need to be placed on top of the dental implant. Understanding a thorough dental treatment plan, and knowing all the options is a good thing. 

Dental Bone Grafting Question - What is a Dental Bone Graft? 

Many times, a dental bone graft may be needed with the tooth extraction and immediate dental implant. This is sometimes referred to as socket grafting or placing a form of bone into the tooth socket after a tooth is extracted. There are various types of dental bone graft materials in the market place today. It is good to Ask Dental Bone Graft Questions your dentist, and what type of Dental Bone Grafting Materials will be used? Those who want more details about Tooth Extraction - can read this Tooth Extraction Blog and Gum Surgery Blog on Just Dental. 

These 2 dental articles discuss more in-depth Local Dental Bone Graft Question and Tooth Extraction Questions asked of us. People that do need a Dental Bone Graft, will most likely have an extra charge at the dental office. So, it is good to ask your local dentist questions about this. 

Local Mouthguard Blog, Mouth Guards Chat Online @ Just Dental: 

What is a mouthguard? A mouthguard is usually a flexible plastic type of material, that a person wears in the mouth while playing sports. This can be for many sports, though usually for sports that have more contact between people. Sports such as football, boxing, hockey, rugby, basketball, etc. A good mouthguard is usually made by the dentist or dental office, after taking dental impressions of the upper and lower teeth with some sort of putty or alginate material. After the dental impression, it is either made in the dental office or sent out to the dental lab to make. The mouthguard is worn in the mouth and should cover the teeth. Wearing a mouthguard can reduce the number of damaged teeth can have while playing sports. Though, wearing a mouth guard does not mean 100% teeth safety. Like any device, care still should be used by people playing sports. 

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Summary:  Immediate Dental Implant Question Answers, Tooth Extraction Dental Implant Placement Chat, and All on 4 Denture Dental Implants Questions Online Information. Immediate Dental Implant Placement After Extracting a Tooth Blog and All on 4 Dental Implants Denture Chat. Using Virtual Dental Implant Teledentist Consulting to discuss immediate dental implants.

In this dental article, we discussed various dental topics. This included Dental Implant Placement Questions Asked Dentists, Mouthguard Question, what is an Immediate Dental Implant, Dental Bone Graft Chatting Online and other Emergency Dental Questions asked Emergency Dentists. We discussed the dental implant option, of what to do after having to Extract a tooth due to some kind of bad tooth accident? Immediate Dental Implant Placement After Extracting a Tooth Chat Online with us & discuss  We discussed how dental implants and dentures can work together. This all on 4 dental implants denture discussion or all on 6 dental implants dentures question chat online with us. We at Just Dental welcome answering local dental implant questions online. People can now use virtual teledentistry dental implant consulting online - to discuss dental implants with their local dentists.

Dental Bone Grafting with us. Asking a Dental Bone Grafting Question of your local dentist and understanding what are Dental Bone Grafts? Are there other dental topics that interest you and would like us to discuss? We welcome our readers' dental suggestions and network with dental professionals. We are networking and partnering with talented dental bloggers and dental experts. 

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