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Technology has grown rapidly in the last several decades.  Not too long ago, no one had a cell phone.  That has all changed now.  Most people have cell phones, computers and laptops, etc.  With this new technology, there is more potential for better online communication between patients and doctors.  In the dental space, this new technology has rapidly grown as well.  We will be discussing this more in this local dentists blog.  The way technology is progressing, some of this discussion in this local dentist article may be outdated 5 or 6 years from now. Local new dental tech discussion online with us.  Online dental information blogging with us at Just Local Dental Messaging Online Chat with us and Communicate Online with Local Dentists.  We are looking to add interesting new dental articles in all aspects of dentistry and dental care. 

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We welcome all new users to our site - DENTAL CHAT.  As a new user or someone who is seeking either dental information or to connect/communicate with a dentist / dental office.  We want to help in that endeavor. We are doing Online Dental Emergency Chatting and Local Emergency Dentists Chat discussion - as we add more new technology and new features.  We are looking to bring new features and to partner with web tech companies.  The entire health care online communication space and online dental communication space is growing - with better and better technology leading to fascinating innovation - that can help patients or people seeking health care services & the health care practitioners. 

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Keep in mind, that technology is just not in the online communication space for dentistry.  Digital dentistry has grown very rapidly in the last 25 years or so. Now, there is digital imaging & digital dental x-rays that many dentists are using.  Many dental offices use computers to email x-rays and to do their dental billing.  Now dentists can see your tooth or multiple teeth in the mouth in 3D using digital technology.  This dental digital technology has made dental care much better.  The reason is quite simple.  The better the dentist can see what is going on in the tooth and around the tooth, the better the local dentist can treatment plan.  What you don't see and know about, then it is hard to treat.  The digital tech tools now available is truly amazing.  Digital imaging machines that are used in dentistry have become better and more efficient.  Many of these dental imaging machines use to be cumbersome, with poor quality or resolution.  Now, there is a 3D technology that is quite amazing.  The best part, a lot of these digital x-ray imaging machines actually expose the dental patient to less radiation.

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As technology has evolved, more and more people are communicating via their phones - not just by calling, but also by texting and doing video calls, etc.  Now, this technology is rapidly transforming the health care industry.  We are at Just Dental -  a leader in this dental innovation communication space. We are always looking at new and better ways of improving this technology and how we can help people with their dental care.  One key is the security aspect of this.  Whether it is live dentist video streaming - new local teledentist technology that is coming to the market more and more. Many times as technology starts to expand, the risks can possibly expand as well. We believe that this is a worthwhile endeavor that should provide better overall dental care and dental information for the patient.

Age of Live Teledental Care - Using Virtual Tele Dentistry Consultation & being a Local Teledentist Practice:

Using local virtual tele dentistry communication, dentists and patients can do a live virtual dental consultation online. Without the patient needing to leave their home. As we have been discussing, in this local dental office communication chat blog, patients and dental practices can communicate in many ways now - using digital technology.  Teledoctors and many physician telemedicine tools are being used by many local doctor offices. Now, the state of the art dental practices are starting to become a local teledental office as well.

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The more people know about their dental condition, the better decisions they can make.  We are @ Just Dental looking to be a great place for people to get dental information.  Like any site or place that provides information, one has to do their own due diligence.  We have been doing this for many years -  we are going to continuously look to improve and add more features that enhance this site.  We are looking to be leaders in the online dental communication space - as we are founded by a dentist and IT professional. The tele-medicine space is constantly growing. Dental Telemedicine is called Online Teledentistry or Local Teledentistry.  Excellent time to market online with us.  We are live local dentist chatting and live dental chat with dentists with us. As more new and better technology comes into this space - we will continually @ Just Dental look to bring that new tech on our site. We will be adding interesting dentist communication chat functionality in the coming months and years. Our goal is to better serve our users. Local Dentists Discussion Online with us and more.

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Just was founded by a dentist.  The concept and vision were simple - to help people get better access to dental care.  Using Just Dental is simple.  Just post your dental question and have dentists answer the question. Here is the link to local dental questions online post ...  We are currently free for all patients or users postings.  Our goal is to stay that way as long as possible. Feel free to use our local dentists communication & local dental office messaging platform.

Please share our site, so we can better help people with their dental care. We are looking to partner with online technology companies. We are looking to advance dental online technology. 

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We are at Just Dental helping people and dentists communicate better. Now people can use local teledentistry consulting services to chat virtually with their dentists. Online Dental Communication Blog, Online Dentist Communication Chat, Local Dentists Discussion and Emergency Dental Care Blogging online with us at Just Dental.  Now, innovative dental offices are using modern digital technology. Many are adding local teledental care and online tele dentistry consulting service to their dental practice.

We at Just Dental offer a wide variety of interesting local tooth pain question chat, root canal information blog, or wisdom teeth problem blogs to read from. If want to look at different topics from wisdom tooth pain or root canal treatment, there is a wide range of articles on here.  Here is a link to local root canal article on that can go to.  We are looking for more dental bloggers and great dental information that can be provided to us. Our goal is to provide more dental knowledge for our Just Dental users.