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If you have dental insurance or a benefit plan, you’re fortunate to be amongst the 6 out of 10 people who have outside financial support for dental care. Most dental plans are supported by employers as part of a benefits package and can assist in making dentistry more affordable for your budget. But dental plans rarely cover everything and are meant to help share the cost of treatment with you. While it’s impossible to state precisely what your plan covers, or doesn’t, some basic guidelines will help you ask the right questions at your dental office.  With dozens of plans on the market, it’s also difficult to know the intricate details of each one. But the experts at your dental office will help you learn as much as possible about maximizing your coverage. 

Some things to keep in mind about your dental insurance coverage or dental plan coverage:

1. Know the type of dental services covered and not covered.

2. Some dental services may be 100 percent covered such as preventive dental care and major dental services such as dental crowns may only be 50% covered. Hence, understand the various dental service coverages. 

3. Dental plans are not considered as dental insurance coverage in many states. Understand each dental plan and dental insurance coverages. 

4. Big difference between dental HMO coverage and dental PPO coverage.

Common Dental Insurance Question is, what does my dental insurance plan cover?   

As we will discuss, dental insurance coverage questions come up quite often. For the average person, understanding what is and what is not dentally covered can be challenging.  Each dental plan can be quite different. For those with dental insurance coverage from dental insurance companies through their work, generally preventive dental care is covered.  This is usually your dental exam, dental x-rays and dental prophy cleaning.  This is termed preventive dental care, and helps patients maintain better oral care.

As many people that end up needing more extensive forms of dental care treatment realize, dental care and dental treatment can be very expensive.  Those fortunate enough to have dental insurance realize, that having dental insurance can be very limited.  We will be discussing more in this local dental insurance blog here on Just Dental.  Just like telemedicine coverage being done by med insurance companies, now some dental insurance companies are providing dental insurance coverage for the local teledentist consulting fee. We will also discuss local teledentistry questions and online teledental answers people would like during their live virtual dental care consultation. As we will discuss, what dental services are and are not covered by your local dental insurance policy can vary - and should understand before getting dental treatment done.

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Dental HMO Insurance Plans are usually much more restrictive and usually have a very low number of dentists or dental practices that participate in the Dental HMO plan.  Dental PPO Insurance Plans usually allow the patient more choice, and they can go to various dental offices that accept the plan.  Many more dentists and dental offices are usually enrolled in the Dental PPO plan, as compared to the Dental HMO plan. 

Dental Plan Chat Online and Dental Plans Question Blog with us.  A common Dental Plan Question is, what are Dental Plans? Also, we get asked how does My Dental Plan work? Dental plans generally pay a high percentage of preventive services, like cleaning. These relatively low-cost services are often completed twice each year, and they are simply the wisest dental commitment you can make. A small problem picked up and managed early can cost 10% of the price tag of major repairs, even to save a single tooth.  Insurance companies understand this, and often will gladly pay a little on a regular basis to save a lot down the road.

If you need a filling for a broken or decayed tooth, dental insurance benefits may cover 40-80% of the allowed cost.  A larger restoration with porcelain may be covered at 40-50%, which is often a similar rate of coverage for other major services like root canals, dentures, and various types of surgery.  These general guidelines are just that…general. And sometimes insurance companies won’t reveal just how much they’re going to pay when the claim is placed. So it’s wise to consider a discussion of payment prior to treatment as an estimate, based on the best data given by the insurance company.  And remember, every plan has an annual maximum that hasn’t changed in 40 years.  These dollars can significantly help you support your health, but they’re not designed to cover all the costs of modern care.

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Dental benefits can vary from dental insurance company to dental insurance company. Understand your Local Dentist Benefits Policies Coverage Information and dental insurance benefits can vary, & needs to be understood. Understanding them, can provide many dental treatment options for both patients and dentists. We get asked many dental insurance questions online. A common local dental insurance question is, are dental veneers covered under my dental HMO insurance plan? As mentioned, your dental office can check to see which dental procedures are covered or not. Dental Benefit Plans usually don’t cover cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or dental veneers. Many people have many local dental insurancce plan coverage questions to ask - especially if they need a lot of dental treatment such as root canal treatment or dental crowns. They usually do cover white dental composite fillings though. But there may be other services related to a beautiful smile makeover that will have benefits paid out. If certain teeth in your smile have large restorations or old crowns, their replacement often meets the criteria for coverage. Furthermore, your dentist will incorporate beauty into every service they provide whether dental benefits are available or they're not. There are cosmetic dentistry procedures such as composite white filling on front teeth that may be covered with your dental insurance plan coverage.  Best is to possibly get some form of pre-authorization before having the dental treatment procedure done.

Local Dental Insurance Plans Chatting, and Dental Insurance Plan Information Blog:

Couple things, people who are a subscriber to a dental insurance plan should check on. First and foremost, understand what kind of dental treatment procedures are covered or not. As we have discussed, each dental insurance company has different guide lines to their dental insurance coverage. Then there are companies that consider themself a dental plan and not a dental insurance company.

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Common Dental Plan Question we get asked, is - Is My Dental Plan Company a form of Dental Insurance? Dental plan companies as we will discuss are generally Not considered as a dental insurance company. Dental plan companies - are a payment agreement certain dental offices make with dental plan companies. They for instance, will charge only say $45 for a dental prophy - rather than say the regular $95 price for a dental prophy procedure. Dental Plan Companies do not actually pay the dentists. Dental Insurance Companies will pay the dentists based on a contracted amount. So, the local dental plan companies - have usually only made a reduced cost agreement with the dentists that accept to be part of their dental plan network.

Your Dental Insurance Chat Online: How Does It Help? Local Dental Insurances Question Blog:

Your Dental Insurance Question Chat and Dentist Insurance Chatting Online in this local dental insurance blog. We discussed, How Does Dental Insurance Work and Dental Insurance Question Help Blogging online with us.  Local Dental Insurances Question Blog and Online Dental Insurance Plans Discussion with us.  Whether you have a Dental Plan or a Dental Insurance Policy, you should understand how dental insurances work? 

One area that we can discuss a little further is dental implants and if they are covered by dental insurance plans?  This area is surprising that many dental insurance plans do not cover dental implant placement.  But there is one caveat.  Some of the procedures leading up the dental implant may be covered.  This can include tooth extraction and bone graft.  For each dental insurance plan, the exact amount of coverage should first be understood.  In the future, many are predicting more dental insurance companies will start to cover at least partially dental implants.

Those that have online dental plan questions can post their dental plan question here with this dental chat link. Dental insurance and medical insurance do vary.  More people have some kind of medical insurance than have dental insurance.  There are dental insurance plans for people that want more limited dental insurance plan coverage.  We will be doing more articles and dental posts on dental insurance plans in upcoming posts here on Just Dental.

Like all of health care, dental insurance and medical insurance is changing.  There are numerous types of dental insurance plans and newer version of dental plans, which is more open to consumers with usually less coverage and much fewer costs for consumers.  It will be interesting to see how dental insurances and dental plans will evolve over the next several years.  Health care and dental care is using more modern technology than ever.

We welcome local dentists, as well as dental professionals to add their dental blog or dental article with us at Just Dental.  Online Dental Insurance Chat, Dental Plan Blogging Online and Local Dentist Insurances Blog with us.

We get many dental insurance coverage questions on Just Dental. People are wanting to know, how does your dental insurance plan help with their dental treatment plan? Online Dental Insurances Discussion and Your Dental Insurance Question Chat Online with us. Local Dental Insurances Question Blog and Online Dental Insurance Plans Discussion with us - we are looking to discuss various newer forms of dental insurance as well in future local dental blogs here with us.

Your Dental Benefit Information Answers Blog - Dental Plan Benefits Discussion Online:

As we discussed, each subscriber needs to do a thorough research of what is dentally covered and what procedures are not? Your dentist works entirely for you, not the insurance company. Your dentist’s team will always try to help you maximize your dental benefits, but they won't compromise care or ethics to meet the demands of an insurance company. At Just Dental, we help patients find the right dental home where they feel the best fit. Let us know how we can help! We look forward to partnering with you to preserve and strengthen your dental health! 

Common Teledentistry Question - does my dental insurance company cover my Teledental Consult

Many people ask us if their teledental consult is covered by their dental insurance company?  The dental answer is maybe - as more dental insurance companies are seeing the value of dental telemed consulting online. Of course, once doing the live virtual teledentistry consultation - local dentists can be asked many local teledentistry questions online.   Many of these have to do about tooth pain and possibly getting some type of dental antibiotics until they go into their local dental office for dental treatment. Now local teledentistry consultation is being covered by some dental insurance companies. For example, Teledentistry D9995 code and D9996 is being used by some dental insurance companies - Delta Dental Teledentistry and Cigna Teledentistry Code is paying dental consultations under some of their dental insurance plans.  Can check if your dental insurance does cover teledentistry consultations.  Many dental offices are offering local teledentist services now.

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